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Zuma’s Victory Proves! Worthless WMC Campaigns

President Zuma has won the Motion Eight (No Confidence of vote) in South Africa. Everyone is very much satisfied with the government of Zuma, as in his rule there is no racism in the country, even people can say blacks are so close to get their rights and country back.

Jacob Zuma

“In the total of 384 votes – 198 MPs voted against a motion of no confidence in him, 177 MPs voted in favour of the motion and 9 MPs abstained.”

Truth and faith in ANC make it more powerful with Zuma, which is going to be proved a best public party of South Africa.

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“You will never touch the ANC, even if you don’t like it, that’s your choice… The ANC will never be defeated.”

Of course, It’s a clear win over the people who are try to defame him for a year around the country or just putting the country economy in these fake campaign. Truth is Revealed!!

Worthless Campaign of WMC

A fact or a running Campaign in South Africa is not hidden from any of the person. It is completely in notice of everyone that how they were spoiling the fame of Zuma and his government, Even the motive of this campaign never ends here, actually many blacks are criticized by these paid puppet for their color, culture, emotions and rights. White media are much engaged in this campaign but they have forgotten that public still have power, if they can welcome you so they can ruin you.

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Jacob Zuma

“Warning to WMC – Never try to mess with blacks, Do not dare to forget the truth of our power, if we can welcome you so we can ruin you too.”

Suggestion to WMC / WMC puppets / Paid white media capitalist

Everything is justified with Zuma’s victory that this is not a time to run these worthless campaigns. A good suggestion to all those white paid puppets and paid media as well that the time has come to work for nation not for the whites or rasical based policies. His opposition also must be aware with the truth and support the choice of public “Zuma”

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“They [opposition parties] try and try, [but] they will never defeat the ANC,” a jubilant Zuma told supporters gathered outside the National Assembly.