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Zuma Informs not to concerted by No-Confidence Voting Trials

President Jacob Zuma is currently looking forward to his completion of term as the President. Zuma informed a supportive audience in Lwandle, nearer to Cape Town that he has 18 months left in the office and 4 months as ANC president. He was made to feel residing at home in a throttlehold of Dullah Omar Region, the largest regional structure of ANC in Western Cape. “To us, it is not about individuals; to us it is all about the ANC. For us, if you touch buddy Zuma you touch the ANC”, regional chairperson Xolani Sotashe revealed.

President Jacob Zuma

President Zuma And His No-Confidence Attempts

During his speech, President Zuma indicated about 8 times when there have been massive efforts in parliament by opposition parties to tumble him via a vote of no-confidence. “Eight Times”, he declared to an enthusiastic and lively audience. Zuma got plans to visit Lwandle on 8th August 2017 after the no-confidence dispute in Parliament. He could not make that appointment. He still fulfilled his promise and created his first public appearance since his return from Brics Summit.

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He started his visit with a walkabout during the section of Lwandle which was called as the Mall by the residents sarcastically, a section of the area that was occupied by housed migrant workers once. Zuma was informed of the awful living conditions which include overcrowding & the dire lack of sanitary and water facilities. After he was pioneered by Sotashe, and appraised by imbongi Zuma started speaking to a full-hall.

Many of those who look forward to him had been waiting since before noontime for his arrival. The meeting was planned to have started at the location of local sports ground at 10 am but was shifted after stormy weather set in.

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  • Not to be affected by different opinions is a sign of a mature leader. He knows he has work to do to for the remaining term and is on the right path, which is welcome news.