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ZCC boycott against Tiso Blackstar “Justified”: Zanele Lwana

ZCC boycott of the Tiso blackstar group is receiving nationwide support as it’s been termed as a “Valid” call against the raging Domination of the WMC and its allies in the country. Moreover, Johann Rupert and its stooges have been clearly exposed here in their quest to control and mobilize the church for their agenda of White Monopoly. Adding into the same BLF Deputy President Zanele lwana spoke about it to ANN7 in a documentary Video featured on the News channel’s website.

When asked whether this is an overreaction against the Press Freedom, lwana replied “This is not an overreaction. That’s the nature in which we all black people must respond in this country as economy of the country is in the hands of the white people so is the land, and the media. The media is been used by the people like Johann Rupert who owns the Tiso Blackstar group and the media houses linked to the group. And we know that the mainstream media now has set the track record of covering up white media corruption, while ridiculing black key leaders in society so that they may advance an agenda of Regime change.”

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We must also know that the church currently is being mobilized to push for an agenda of regime change in the society. That’s why the SACOC even pronounced to the sitting President of the country on their lack of confidence.”

The Interviewer then quoted whether the church shall involved themselves into politics or not, Lwana replied promptly “The church, because it is a body made up of black people, politics impact our lives at the end of the day but we have seen how churched has been mobilized to push an agenda to trap black people in bondage and suffer. WMC are against the Radical economic transformation and what they are doing currently is totally against the right of the blacks. Forces of Imperialism don’t want to see black people finally to own their land, they are mobilizing all sectors of society to create Political din stability in the country while WMC only benefits White people”.

Zanele Lwana

Johann Rupert doesn’t have any interest whatsoever in changing the lead experience and shifting the property relations of the country and who holds the country and who doesn’t.

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When it comes to white mainstream media, there is no Journalism whatsoever; we have institutions who are basically mouth pieces for white monopoly capital. They set agenda, on what issues Press ombudsman would deal with and who gets justice and who doesn’t. We know that the media is white and therefore even our brothers and sisters who works for these white media houses don’t get to Voice their opinions. Johann Rupert and its allies give them instructions to push for a regimes change in the country in their favor and ridicule the President in the process”

So it can now been concluded by looking at her above statement that it’s the WMC who is running a campaign along with its allies on the directives of Johann Rupert to push for their complete dominance on the country’s Economy, land and Media, where the rights of blacks have been oppressed in the process. Therefore, the call by the ZCC to boycott the Tiso Blackstar group can be justified with true facts and Johann Rupert along with his stooges must be taught a lesson through all this.


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