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WMC Paid Media and FAKENEWS Propaganda on Gupta’s gets Dirtier

Barry Bateman, Peter Bruce and white media team well done and finally we seeing your true colors.

WMC propaganda Media gets dirtier on Twitter by spreading yet another fake news by their paid twitterati Andre to defame Gupta Family and fulfill their bad intentions. Andre Grobbelaar‏ @AndreGrobbel75 posted a news that is totally not only fake but show the dirtiest mind of his sponsors who do not want South Africa economy to grow and have stable future, rather they wish to enjoy the decades old same WHITE MONOPOLY.

dacccan news

See Actual News & Download at (Select Date as 30th June 2017)

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We know after this news we will be called a Gupta Paid blog and WMC Media will use their power to discredit our blog. We request please go through the above real news and see the facts for your self.

If people believe this fake news, there is no doubt that the South African economy is continued to be dominated by the white capital. If you want to reject this reality, you have to clearly understand the link exist between contemporary and historical forms of capital collection. This situation needs to be changed and so, the government has to take several steps and people of South Africa need to know the truth and understand that @WMC people want to divert the attention of common people so that the truth can be buried.

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