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WMCs quest to Defame ANC, Attack on Mbalula’s Wife

2019 elections almost there and all the political parties have started their Campaigns in order to secure the pole position. In this quest, they seems like going with “No holds barred” to defame their counterparts. Nozuko Mbalula seems very very angry on the allegation done by Sunday times. In the continuation of the same, Sunday Times has now reported that Businesswoman and Sports Minister (Fikile Mbalula’s wife, Nozuko Mbalula and the SABC’s Hlaudi Motsoeneng, as trustees of MMD Development and Imbuma trusts) got undue benefits from a “fraudulent spending spree” by the Free State’s Department of Human Settlements, when it was being under the control of minerals minister, Mosebenzi Zwane.

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While this allegations is not holding any ground reality, even seems like, it could well be termed as another way of bringing the Govt of President Zuma down to disgrace by WMC allies. Nozuko Mbalula, in her statement said thatI’m very angry. I’m seeking legal advice on how to clear my name in this regard. I’m being labeled a fraudster. I feel my name has been abused. I’m not a media person, but now I’ve got to go against my own principle to denounce the lies being said, about me. Why am I being used as the face of a fraudulent scheme that has got nothing to do with me. It’s all blatant lies, which I refute, and contrary to what’s been reported, I’m not being sued for R1bn.”

 “It’s not like I took steps to deregister it covering up corruption. Imbuma Trust did not receive any money from government. I didn’t even have a right to build houses at the time, as I was not accredited by industry bodies such as the National Home Builders Registration Council”, She Further added

WMC and its stooge’s new action to divert the mind from their wrong doings of their Beloved like Cyril Ramaphosa (Extra Marital Affair Case), KPMG(SARS Report Withdrawal) and DA (Illegal protest march to Guptas House)

While it’s been reported by Sunday times that the money, amounting to hundreds of millions, was allotted for the development of RDP houses, which never reached to its point, Mbalula said, she had never received R38million to build 350 low-cost houses in the Free State. The Newspaper further submitted an application to the Bloemfontein court to recover the cash. Fikile Mbalula, on the other hand, said: “I think the allegations come from overzealous, go-between people, who are disgruntled, because they didn’t get what they wanted.” Moreover, Nozuko has confirmed that the department’s legal action would be dealt with in the court in due course.

So it can be said whilst the WMC and its stooges wants to divert the focus of the nation away from the wrong doings of their Beloved like Cyril Ramaphosa (Extra Marital Affair Case), KPMG(SARS Report Withdrawal) and DA (Illegal protest march to Guptas House), the true natives should reject these stupid acts of theirs which are only aimed towards benefitting their own Political and financial interests.

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Source: Iol.za