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Who Is Responsible For Hindering Black Development? White Monopoly Capital, Zuma Or Guptas

Who is the foe of black emancipation in South Africa? As this is one easy question with a specific truthful answer. Over 300 years ago in the country of South Africa, whites along with their domination systems like capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism have turned to be the out-model foe of the blacks liberation. Currently, we have witnessed the consequence on President Jacob Zuma’s conclusions on white monopoly. The decisions made have greatly stunned the blacks so they prefer for a borderline between greedy-blooded and treasury loving white capital.

Through black people possess record on current affairs and history, only the white monopoly capitalists will be continued to access media along with other public moments such as saveSA and its advantage. By this way, they make use of their influence so as to make use of their own television to lie at the crowds. They seem to paint the grass blue and sky green before the media and hence deliver only misleading and deceitful news. The land was in the hands of white monopoly and hence the economy likes still in the pockets of untrue people. Still, we have guts to trust that Jacob Zuma must move out of the office on the basis of our own interest.

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The Domination of Whites in South Africa is Still Alive 

The black president seems to be criticized for numerous reasons which are known to be avail bunch of claims as well. However, the ex-finance minister Pravin Gordhan has been greeted as savior and angel. Malcolm X declared that press used to make the criminal to resemble like a victim and hence makes the victim look like a criminal as well. This statement seems to be correct today because media is possessed by historical foes in the resemblance of white monopoly capital.

The most awkward thing is alleged radicals similar to the economic freedom fighters or EFF. The EEF also joined their hands with people who sealed our economy. Marxist-Leninist who is a red-overalls commander-in-chief and Julius Malema seems to be the charming for the white media next to being critiqued by while society.  The reasons for present problems are a decline in public health care, colonized-education, unemployment, and poverty.


We are highly concentrated on obtaining political freedom as we absolutely disremember about our economic freedom. There was an issue that both Zuma and Gupta do not do this only monopoly capital has done these harm things to black Africans. Further, in the year 2016, as per Judas Act of municipal elections, Malema gave all the black votes to whites so as to form a multi-party collaboration with DA. Moreover, the while monology aborted lands and buildings from black racist community by paying back the money.

The finance minister Guptas has never expelled out of our land, as have never heartlessly murdered and raped us. They had never made us to move out of our country and hence leave our families in exile. Furthermore, they have never tortured or jailed use or never killed our leaders. At least, we have only one for, which is white monopoly capital in addition to its players Oppenheimer, Johann Rupert and lengthy white CEOs.

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