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White South Africans Must Return Back The Stolen Land

In the weeping game of concession, the white tears matters. White tears seem to fall with great lavishness, when the land is taken back from us via the rightful owners. Regardless marathon chance to return back the stolen land to black South Africans, we have failed. Nor being a white South Africans, reveal any resolve to do so. When the justice finally crumples our privilege and entitlement in South Africa, I will not cry. I will rejoice. Since Privilege and entitlement are brutes that rose unlawfully on the arc of racism downgrading blackness to create rubbish status in the supersizing of white fortunes.

Whites in South Africa

White South African pedestrian-pass black poverty on the peripheries of “our” suburbs, as if this poverty is not our prime business and yet the welts of inequality and poverty in our past-democracy panorama are the work of colonial plunder and apartheid. A handcraft of development by white settlers has imposed a life sentence of poverty on most of black South Africans. When our land is annexed, without compensation, I will not weep, I will support this, without any reservation, since we are not regarded as rightful owners of land in SA.

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White Monopolist Must Return The Stolen Land To Black Africans

Traditionally, whites robbed black Africans land and this fractured fortunes and families denigrated black dignity & culture. Today, in what some call as free South Africa, black South Africans are unlawful resident on their own land, whilst we as white South Africans survive on squire on land which was stolen from our forefathers. Today in South Africa, a real-time game of monopoly continues with white South Africans withstanding the lion’s share of land & where huge expanses of white wealth & unremitting sweeps of black poverty resist the economic liberation. On 27th May 2017, the keenest expression of RET took place at National Land Imbizo in Soweta.

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The proposal, spearheaded by BLF Movement and supported by several other black organizations, clearly voiced how the daily anguish of black SA and omnipresent violence and poverty (in townships, rural villages, and squatter camps) are a direct product of landlessness. Andile Mngxitama, a president of BLF revealed that the bones of our ancestors are weeping out for land. They are not living in peace. The bones of Nghunghunyane, Cetshwayo, Sikhukhune, Shaka, Nyabela, Hintsa, Moshoeshoe are land now!

BLF To Return Back The Stolen Land

The National Imbizo’s land declaration offers a programme of action for the expropriation of land without any compensation, on the spine of black unit beneath party political association. The Land declaration indicates the lack of remorse of white folks for slavery, apartheid, colonialism and land theft and proves that how the wealth & comfort enjoyed by white South Africans today & a direct profit of exploitation, land dispossession, oppression of the black majority. The land declaration calls on whites to dump arrogance & cooperate in the return of robbed land.

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The rainbow nation has long gone into overtime & it is time for us, as white South Africans to find our moral compass and to move forward, in a collective rupture of ethical consciousness to ease the return of land that was taken out by our forefathers not via facilitation, but through trickery, coercion, and force. Economic liberation and land return do not require the consent of white people & so that fact is that black South Africans are yet permitting us to discuss the return land is a symptom of their humanity, not ours. Let us acquire our moral compass & return the land. The return of stolen land will surely free us all.

Source: WeeklyXpose