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Top 5 Most Amazing Monuments and Statues in South Africa

There are plenty of monuments and statues in South Africa which shows the artistry and history of the country. There are a lot of places in the country where you will find the best creations like Cape Town, Pretoria, Howick, Paarl, and Franschhoek. We are going to discuss here the top 5 monuments and statues here.

1. Taalmonument, Paarl

Taalmonument, Paarl

The monument is also known as the Afrikaans Language Monument. This is probably the best looking in all monuments in South Africa. The monument is situated in a hilltop and the full view of Paarl can be seen from there. The monument is there for the celebration of the official language of South Africa. The design made by Jan Van Wijk is amazing and it shows the influence of the Afrikaans are influenced by the culture. It shows how Afrikaans are the joining factor to their unity, culture and diversity.

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2. The Huguenot Memorial Monument, Franschhoek

The Huguenot Memorial Monument, Franschhoek

This amazing monument was built in the memory of the Huguenots, who visited the country in the 17th and the 18th There are three arches in the monument which stands for the father, the son and the divine spirit. The monument was designed by J.C. Jongens and the statue of the woman is designed by Coert Steynberg. That statue stands for the freedom of the religion. If you visit the place you will surely feel relaxed as the calmness in the atmosphere will clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

3. The Purple Shall Govern, Braamfontein

The Purple Shall Govern, Braamfontein

While your visit to Braamfontein, you can see the image of Nelson Mandela on a huge mural with the words ‘The Purple Shall Govern’. There is a story behind it which a lot of people don’t know. The Police acted violently against the protesters who are protesting against the elections on 2nd September 1989 in Cape Town. They used water cannons and tear gas against them. The color of the water shot from the cannons are purple. The protesters were arrested at last. After 11 days, more than 30,000 protesters were on the street with the slogan ‘The Purple Shall Govern’.

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4. Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town Central

Rhodes Memorial, Cape Town Central

There is a monument of Cecil John Rhodes which you can see on the Devil’s Peak in Cape Town. The monument was designed by famous architect Sir Herbert Baker. The monument is situated in the favorite spot of Rhodes. There is a wooden work bench and there are 49 steps in total of the Greek-style monument which reminds of each year that Rhodes lived. You can also find a striking statue designed by George Fredric Watts named ‘Physical Energy’.

5. Nobel Square, Cape Town Central

Nobel Square, Cape Town Central

There are many famous monuments in South Africa but the Nobel Square is one that stands out among most. In the memory of the country’s Nobel Prize laureates, you can see four bronze statues there. The statues are of Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Albert Luthuli, and FW de Klerk. When it comes to democracy and human rights in the country each one of them played a great role.

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These are the 5 best monuments in South Africa which are a must watch if you are planning a visit there.