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Top 10 Richest Billionaires in South Africa

One of the most developed countries in Africa is South Africa for sure. If we are talking about development then not to forget that development only comes from the use of money. There are many people in South Africa who have a huge amount of money and their net worth is pretty high too. Some of these men had started from the grassroots level and made it big with their brilliance and some have huge family wealth. So, here, we are going to mention the top 10 most wealthy people in South Africa.

Richest Billionaires in South Africa

1. Johann Rupert

Johann Rupert is not only the richest man in South Africa but he is the second richest man in whole Africa. He owns Compagnie Financiere Richemont, a company of luxury goods outfit. Other than his own company, Rupert had investments in other companies too like Reinet and Remgro. He lives a life full of luxury. The current estimated net worth of Johann Rupert is $6.6 billion.

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2. Nicky Oppenheimer

The second richest man is South Africa is the diamond king Nicky Oppenheimer. Right now the estimated net worth of Nicky is $6.5 billion. He is a graduate in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He started to work for a mining company named Anglo-American Corporation opened by his father. He joined De Beers company of Johannesburg in 1975 but later sold its 40% stakes he owned.

3. Christoeffel Wiese

The third richest man in South Africa and the sixth richest man in Africa is Christoeffel Wisee. He earned all his wealth from the retail sector and is a self-made man. He holds the maximum amounts of share for ‘Shoprite’, the low-priced supermarket chain and the biggest retail store in South Africa. He holds stakes some other chains too like Pepkor, a textile, discount wears, clothes, and shoes chain. Right now is net worth is $3.5 billion.

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4. Patrice Motsepe

One of the most richest man in South Africa earned all his wealth through his mining company African Rainbow Minerals (ARM). He is the president of Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club. Right now his estimated net worth is around $2.9 billion.

5. Desmond Sacco

Desmond is the chairman of famous mining company Assore Ltd. He became the Managing Director of the company after the retirement of his father, who founded the company. Currently the net worth of Desmond is $1.5 billion.

6. Stephan Saad

One of the wealthiest man in South Africa Stephan Saad has a net worth of $1 billion now. He is the founder of Aspen Pharmacare and the rise in the stocks of the company made him a billionaire.

7. Cyril Ramaphosa

The second richest black businessman in South Africa has a net worth of $675 million. He is a very formidable strategist and negotiator. He has stakes in a lot of sectors like media, telecoms, beverages, fast-food, and mining.

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8. Laurie Dippenaar

The co-founder of First Rand Limited, Laurie Dippenaar has an estimated net worth of $625 million. He is also a philanthropist who had started the Laurie Dippenaar scholarship.

9. Raymond Ackerman

The man who owns the Pick ‘n’ Pay, the South African retail giant, Raymond Ackerman has a net worth of $550 million. His company owns more than 775 stores in South Africa.

10. Gerrit Thomas (GT) Ferreira

He is a self-made man with a net worth of $480 million. Gerrit is the co-founder of Rand Consolidated Investments.

These are the 10 most wealthy people in South Africa and they are ranked very high in the whole Africa too.