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Top 10 Actual Reasons Behind The Dismissal of Pravin Gordhan

Pravin Gordhan, the finance minister of South Africa, has been dismissed from the parliament due to some reasons. And now the reason has been revealed behind Gordhan’s dismissal.

 10 real reasons why Pravin Gordhan gets dismissed:

  • Being a protector of monopoly capital, Pravin Gordhan is found to be having some stakes in the ventures being owned by the whites. Furthermore, a list of almost all the businesses with which Gordhan is connected, is found out through “Register of Members Interests for the year 2015”. The register has also highlighted the firms, which have been blamed of stealing about R26 million from the Reserve Bank of South Africa. It falls under the control of Finance Ministry. In fact, Gordhan fails to co-operate while investigating the firms in which he holds stakes.
  • Black First Land First Movement, in front of SAPS, also opened a criminal case against corrupted white business people. This matter is being investigated by HAWKS and the track has lead to the finance minister as one among the chief architects.
  • There is also a request made by BLF movement in order to inculcate Judicial Inquiry commission with the intention to investigate the state capture. While sniffing around, it is confirmed that Pravin Gordhan is the man who is the reason behind the iron curtain.
  • Even evidence was submitted in front of the President, SAPS and the HAWKS  by BLF previous to Gordhan’s ousting regarding the corrupted white business people. This evidence was proved when the wmc, specially Johann Rupert, was accused for ousting of Des van Rooyen and appointment of Pravin Gordhan in his place preserve the interest of the white monopoly capital.
  • Moreover, he is found cruel towards Oakbay Investments, when they were blamed of transferring illegal funds away from South Africa. Almost all the blanks have closed Oakbay’s accounts in the year 2016. Also its sponsors and auditors on Johannesburg Stock Exchange have terminated their business relationship with them. So, Gordhan has been approached by the Oakbay to intervene in the business ties, but he requesting the high court of Gauteng to pass an order stating that he was not lawfully obliged or empowered to get involved in the relationship exist between Oakbay and four major banks about the closure of Oakbay Bank accounts.
  • Finally the justice has come out in the favor of Gupta’s, when the Deputy Judge President Aubrey Ledwaba in the North Gauteng High Court stated on 18th Aug, 17 the rejection of Gordhan’s application and ordered him to pay every single penny related to the Oakbay advices. – Latest News.
  • The competition commission seized all 17 banks on 15th February 2017 regarding the banks involved in the guilty of collusion. Then after Gordhan was found having the shares in many of these banks. So, BLF requested SARB to start up the criminal proceedings in opposition to those 17 banks in order to eventually bring Gordhan under the scanner.
  • BLF has imposed corruption charges over Gordhan for disregarding Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jonas’ report as he was found guilty and therefore was ousted.
  • HWAKS has given a memo exhibiting a strong evidence for the theft done by Gordhan who steal R11 million from special pension fund at the Defence & Military Veterans department and thus, he was eventually liable to prosecution.
  • Pravin was also found to be facing accusations in relation with serious law manipulations whilst being in the rule as commissioner of SARS, confirming the illegal usage of R106 million for running the secret unit “Rogue Unit”, which was inclined to protect the interest of white capitalists.
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