Tomorrow Is Electrifying – Next Generation Nissan Lead Headed For SA

The prospect of mobility has been here for some time; however, the improved and new version seems to roll off the production line. Gayle Edmunds visited the modern Oppama plant in Japan which is a part of Nissan’s new-generation Leaf electric vehicle launch. The all-new electric car is planned to appear in the Japanese dealership from October 2 onwards. South African electric vehicle fans are eagerly waiting until the release of the vehicles in shores. The body shape of the plant is like Philip K Dick Sci-Fi novel. The Giant robots welded together on every vehicle body with about 3000 welds at a massive temperature of 12000 degree Celsius. Sparks fly when the bodies roll by and it spends only a few minutes at every station.

Tomorrow is Electrifying

The Giant rolls of steel are embossed with 300 body parts each which are again welded together by using robots. The robots weld out 10 spots on each body per second – with the precision of non-human. The plant has been creating cars since 1961, & 13.6 million has been rolled out till now. In that, 116000 are leafs which have been made since 2011. It is a limited number than compared to 77 million vehicles that were sold last year. Moreover, the recent Nissan Leaf displays just how fast the technology is improving. In 6 years, the engineers have improved its range from 280 km a charge to 400 km, without enlarging the battery size.

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Though it is not the largest range in the globe’s EV market, Nissan battery technology have improved to a point where it has raised the energy density in the battery to produce 40% more. As per the research, the average driver tends to travels about 80 km per week that means a vehicle requires to be charged only once during that time. One of the faltering blocks to increase the EV presence in several markets is that the infrastructure. In SA, Electric Vehicle owners can able to charge those vehicles at home or Nissan or at BMW dealerships. The EV market is growing globally and Nissan has pioneered the EV way back with battery-run Tama in 1947, believes that the tipping point in the automobile industry is imminent.

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Experts estimate that in the year 2025, buying an EV or gas guzzler will seem to cost the same, offering consumers with a decision which is no longer based on their budgets. China is one of the largest markets in the globe for EVs & Nissan will soon offer a low-cost EV similar for this market. Increasingly, all the brands are emerging into this market, Daniele Schillachi, Nissan’s executive Vice-president of sales and global marketing for Asia, Japan and Oceania reveal. The electric vehicles will drive the future industry. Up to date, 300000 Leafs has been sold all over the world. Those vehicles have driven 3.5 billion kilometers without any battery incidents. Say goodbye to replacing parts and car services which burn out due to wear & tear of an old combustion engine. These technologies are creating our driving experienced safer and effortless.

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