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The Real Fact Behind the Fake “Victimization of Whites” Story

The Domination of whites is quite obvious in South Africa, giving their Supremacy in every aspect of South African economy and society. Every now and then, they get themselves involved in usual acts especially against the Black community, and this act really confirms their true intentions. The Recent protest reported by, called #Black_Monday, by them for all the “Farm Killings”, was truly aimed putting forward only their objective.


How White’s protest “#BlackMonday” was on the different track

Basically, they all pushed forward the phrase “white genocide”, which doesn’t really exist, because the reality is, the Black farmers were the real victim amongst those farm killings. And this act can be regarded as something being supported by their White bosses, who want to prove their Blind facts to the whole country. Moreover, their Anti Black act to march, with the Apartheid era flags, truly confirms their hidden intentions. We can say that they came out with the apartheid flag, because they might be missing the apartheid Days and still feeling proud of their brutal legacy. Even, during the march, they also waived that flag in order to make us remember all the black people’s blood, which stained it once.

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This was, obviously, not a peaceful protest but a violent act. Even though, the police were called to the place, but they neither made any arrest nor fired any rubber bullet, which they often used to fire, whilst black people had used to protest in the same manner. Therefore, we can conclude that it’s the Black people, who always get victim of police domination, whenever they try to voice their opinions through peaceful protests. This, very much, proves the degree, to which the WMC and its loyalist control this law and the Judiciary.

It’s worth mentioning here, that the term “Racism” can’t just be tagged alone with all these protests or waiving of apartheid flag, as this is something, which has plagued the veins of the entire country, since the evolution of Western powers on South African soil. Moreover, the country’s Judiciary & law and its order system should be blamed for not addressing these issues with the attention required, in the present time. This is not only about a single protest; it’s about the social and economic structure of South Africa which has been dominated by whites in every regards, since decades. That’s how, whites are enjoying by denial of Black people and concurrently playing as a victim.

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It must be noted that White people still carries on with the “myth” of being called, the most “Victimized”, so that they can justify their violent and racist legacy. They might still be pushing forward the fact, that it’s more of the whites which are systematically and deliberately being killed in the recent Farm killings. But they seem to forget that the number of “Victimized” blacks farmers which are still on the higher side. Violent crimes have largely affected the poor sections of the society over the years. Moreover, if we have a look at the recent crime statistics, it will suggest that Nyanga, a primarily Black community, could be well termed as the murder capital of the country. Therefore, if anyone got the right to claim for that “Victim” status has to be black community and not Whites. There were reports that a black man was being forced to a coffin and a black child killed for just stealing a sunflower. They were even served with spoiled food and still get to feel the heat of Racist acts alongside.

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Moreover, this “white genocide” word or myth has now become a global trend. In fact this is something, which motivates Dylann Roof’s for killing nine black people very brutally, in a Charleston church, USA in 2015. It’s worth mentioning here that he also published a piece of writing,  named as “The Last Rhodesian” on his website, where he paid tribute to South African white Dominants  by referring  “virtual” discrimination against white people here. He also celebrates Apartheid as a fact, which confirms the White Supremacy on blacks. “Victimization” of whites is a past thing, so everyone who is playing dirty behind this fact, should be dealt accordingly.

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  • This racist actions from whites will never end, it’s actually running through their veins I’m wondering why some blacks risk voting for white party to rule while whites never change their attitudes towards black people, firstly the was TRC after 1994 and their Grandfathers never came forward and testify to all the wrongdoing and now their grandchildren are forever arrogant and don’t seem to show any respect towards black people.