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The ‘Looting Saga’ of Newly Appointed SABC Board

The Below story is in reference to an Article published on Black opinion website on December 3 2017!

SABC is going through its own struggles and dilemmas, since Hlaudi Motsoeneng has left the organization. Now, as per the recent reports, the new South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board, which took over the charge barely six months back, is now exploiting the public broadcaster. The board seems like nodding to every call by the opposition parties, whose agenda was clearly against former head, Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Further reports confirm that the board isn’t even concerned about the SABC. Moreover, it has fed itself R3.2 million, which later got distributed among the five board members.

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It’s worth mentioning here that while lots of expectations have been let down in terms of positive changes with the new board taking over, but the only positive came out as the earning for all the board members which was R640, 000 for work done for six months. Making it more worst is the fact, that the board is literally looting the SABC, even when the latter is in a bad financial situation. The SABC has pushed for a R3 billion aids from the government and this is quoted ironical to the fact that there is no pay hike for the workers in the recent months, while the Board directors are getting paid on the higher side at the same time.

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Moreover, further sources to this report specify that many SABC insiders, who are loyal to the broadcaster, are already missing the supervision of Hlaudi Motsoeneng. As per them, Motsoeneng always used to put the interests of workers first, unlike the New Board. Even the industry experts are claiming that the editorial policy, at the SABC, will go blatant by giving more airtime to pro white monopoly capital news and political parties. The exploitation of SABC seems to have started on a big time note now. While the board seems unstoppable at exploiting SABC, they have surely planned to cover this looting by showcasing the same in their salaries. Sadly, they have no concerns, whatsoever for the employees.

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