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RET: Only Resolution to Curb Down Social and Economic Inequality in SA

Whenever a discussion goes on towards building a new South Africa which provides Financial and Social equality to every citizen, the fact should be kept in mind which quotes the country with a Gini coefficient ranging from 0.66 to 0.69, making it one of the most imbalanced societies in the world. As per the Huffington Post news website, It must be noted that The Gini coefficient measures income inequality on a scale of 0 to 1 where a complete unequal society will score a 1.

It’s worth mentioning here that in the world’s most equal societies, the top 10% earn about six (6) times of what is earned by the bottom 10%. Meanwhile, In South Africa, the top 10% earn 110 times more than the bottom 10%. However,as per the report, there are some uniquely South African causal factors, including the legacy of the well-oiled exclusion machinery of apartheid, consisting of the tight framework of laws and spatial planning that permeated and stifled every aspect of the lives of black people in general and Africans in particular with the most adverse effects on African women. This fact made the erstwhile South African colonial project a ‘colonialism of a special type’.

ANC Support RET

It’s only after the evolution of democracy in South Africa post apartheid era, which made it possible for the ANC government to revoke harsh apartheid laws, and further introducing progressive measures to deal with all the after effects of apartheid which has dented the Economy. Unfortunately, most of the apartheid economic structure has remained largely untransformed. Unfortunately even when the introduction of a social wage (housing, education and health care, water and sanitation, social grants) for the poor came into place, to bring positive change in the lives of the masses, the lack of economic transformation and redeployment meant the prolongation of the evils of Social and Economic inequalities based on race, gender and geography.

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This could well be the reason why African National Congress has made rigorous efforts over the time to focus on the vision of Radical Economic Transformation. This would further  push for an elementary change in the constitution, systems, institutions and patterns of ownership, administration and control of the economy directed towards the interests of all the south Africans, especially the poor — the majority of whom are young, African and female. This would further bring every citizen on the same path towards further achieving the visions of Economic and Social Development. RET has been further made the party’s main agenda to tackle the following issue:

  1. Land must be expropriated without compensation
  2. Revised Mining Charter
  3. Break down monopolies in the economy
  4. Free education
  5. Minimum living wage
  6. No to racism
  7. Establishment of a state bank
  8. Transformation of the judiciary
  9. End to poverty and suffering
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Therefore to further strengthen the country in every regard, the ANC must do everything possible with the integrity, capacity, determination and capabilities to lead society. The African National Congress as the most trusted people’s party should further take guard for RET and further ensures that this long going dream of every single native goes true.

The Following Story is based on an article published on Huffington post website on 2 Dec 2017