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Sipho Pityana Runs away from an Open debate with Andile Mngxitama

The WMC regime has always been scared of the true natives of the country and this could be the reason they have often stayed away from any public debates or confrontation in public forums. The Recent name in the list is, of the famous WMC puppet and the leader of the regime change foreign funded Save South Africa, Sipho Pityana who has escaped away from having a debate with the Black First Land First (BLF) president, Andile Mngxitama.

Andile Mngxitama BLF

The debate got become the talk of the town in no time, and the courtesy of the social media. It was going to be held today evening at the University of Cape Town. The debate with the topic asState capture and white monopoly capital, was going to be organized by the outgoing black SRC. It’s worth mentioning that the debate was being called as a Gupta vs Johan Rupert debate by some while others called it as “the West vs East debate”. Moreover, most of them already predicted that Pityana is going to run away from the debate with Andile, who is currently known as the biggest threat to WMC Regime.

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It must be noted that Mngxitama was eager to debate with Pityana just to make him realize of his wrong doings and that could be the reason he still calls him an Askari of white monopoly capital. Moreover, this is the second major WMC supported leader who runs away from debating with Mngxitama after  Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), as he did the same when he was given an open invitation by Mngxitama to debate.  It’s worth mentioning that previously, one of the White media house Amabhungane, has also run away from a debate as ordered by court, with Mngxitama.

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The common people were looking forward to this debate with great anticipation as they wanted the dirty reality of WMC to be exposed, but seems like WMC stooges are scared of facing Andile and already know, what else they are doing are no way in the interests of the country . Moreover, it can be said that they are only capable to talk to their own WMC supported media channels that usually support their propaganda. Sipho Pityana already knew that he will be brought down on the debate so he ran away while some people say that he was warned by the Oppenheimer family to shun the expected defeat by Mngxitama.

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