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Silence of EEF During Johann Rupert Call For A Coup

Julius Malema is socialist, anti-capitalist and radical of Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF) has been a typically silent while called for state president to quit Stellenbosch Mafia King- the prevailing South African capitalist “Johann Rupert”.

Johann Rupert came out with gun blazing to show his outburst frustration with those found in the ANC. Trevor Manuel and Cyril Ramaphosa were under the control of Johann Rupert. These two persons were beckoned by Johann Rupert, after the appointment of Des Van Rooyen as Finance Minister. Clear instructions were given to reverse the appointment of the finance minister.

Johann Rupert SA

It is remembered well that these two leaders of ANC have strong relationship with Johann Rupert. Trevor Manuel marriage with Maria Ramos also takes place at the rolling wine estate in Stellenbosch.

Why EEF Is Silent When Rupert Call?

Before few years, Julius Malema had complained that his difficulties with taxman were primarily due to the initiation by Johann Rupert. However, it is clear that EEF leader has now smoked the peace tube with the monopoly white capital leader and he is also on the side of Johann Rupert and rising for “Zuma Must Fall”.

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This question why EEF has been very silent on the call by WMC for conquer of president Zuma. This treaty, bear by failure to criticize the coup, lends credibility to the allegation that EEF is also captured by WMC.

Johann Rupert as well as the EEF has seemed to made peace after EEF leaders, which was led by Julius Malema. He went to Stellenbosch because of the invitation of white land owners on April 2015 where an agreement was made that EEF must not occupy the white farmers land.

Malema revealed white farmers that EEF is not pleading for land which whites do not use.

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Malema Request For Unused Lands

Malema said, as long as it is a prolific farm, we do not have to interfere with the prolific on that piece of land. He further insisted them that where there is a piece of land, which is not utilized for agriculture purposes, we would be having difficulty. All our motto is the land must be used and it should not be idle.

The EEF has yet adjusted its “non-negotiable” land prime pillar to create it as the official policy of the part to plea for land that is not utilized. These modifications are due to the interests of biggest land thieve of south Africa-Johann Rupert!

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It therefore explains why EEF is silent on Johann Rupert’s call for a coup in opposition of President Zuma.

Johann Rupert-Responsible For Stolen Land

Johann Rupert wants for a coup in order to keep his stolen land. The ANC does not guarantee for Rupert’s interests. In this circumstance Johann Rupert, being the leader of white capital, has now procured the EEF to join their call for Zuma to quit

After to the call for coup in South Africa to restore president Zuma, the big concern in the minds of Africans is, whether Rupert utilizes his immense wealth to influence his desire for government chance to ensure the enhancement of white supremacy in South Africa.