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Sam Sole: A Drive on His Bad Intention towards South Africa

We all know very well about Sam Sole as he creates fake news against Gupta owned business and favor white monopolists and he did not cover any news regarding white monopolists whether it is big or small. Its anyway attract attention that it’s a planned way of playing game against specific people to defame. Sam Sole is a leading investigative journalist for all South African newspapers and he is highlighted for his notorious investigations into controversy including the South African government. His detailed coverage resulted in an indictment of ex-south African president Thabo Mbeki for being a spy. He also carried out part-time journalism lecturer and also done numerous publications. Moreover, he is a puppet of white monopoly capitalists.


Early Life

He was born on 1962 and his birth name was Stephen Patrick Sole. He got married with Christine Sole. He has two children. Moreover, he is a son of famous person Donald Bell Sole who is a founder member of “The Sole Society”.  He has been journalist for about 20 years time starting from 1986. He worked with numerous publications before and recently he is working with Mail and Guardian from 2002 onwards.

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Career Life

He served as the president in the South African union of journalists from the period of 1996 to 1998. Most of the investigative work of sole was around identifying the hidden hand of the state starting from 1994 and hence at the time of apartheid regime period. Sole received major breakthrough story after 1992 mainly through his investigations regarding the events of Goniew Murders along with other activities such as having specialized Unit known as ‘Hammer Unit’. During late 1994-1995, sole along with Jean Le May has uncovered the South Africa’s chemical as well as biological warfare program. In this program, Dr. Wouter Basson plays a prominent role.

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Scams Of Sam Sole

  • There were claims that Sam Sole has received one million dollars in terms of subsides. But, the real number was about $188, 000 but the disgrace of a millionaire receiving money for a farm seems to be a significant public coverage.
  • He is favoring white monopolists by offering fake news about the black people and dedicatedly working for them.
  • This white journalist offer adverse actions against black people. White people also do not tolerate the protest action against white media.
  • Sam Sole is highly responsible for providing fake news regarding white corruption beneath the guise of journalism and his writing proves it anyway..
  • He created false news about Guptas family of business and he links dozens of people either directly or indirectly with the family as to defame and divert attention from WMC.
  • He insists that the Guptas family of business is related with mineral resources and government policies.
  • He created many indisputable cases so as to suppress black rights and voice and favor white monopolists in all walks of life.
  • His power in the media network could manipulate added weight to the concerns regarding the so-called state capture.
  • The journalism access to the most important economic wealth of the country and thereby stops the black from accessing nation wealth.
  • The four main banks which are responsible for state economy has been now downgraded due to the fake writing of Sam Sole.
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With all facts and various point of view, it is clearly seem that throughout his career he has been serving for white people rather than South Africa welfare. Whatever work assigned by white monopolists will be done by him so as to show his truthfulness.