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Rupert “Take your words back”; Protesters Shows Their Anger

60 Inkululeko Foundation’s members protested outside Remgro in Stellenbosch against Johann Rupert’s (a Billionaire businessman in South Africa) remark on  quoting radical economic transformation as theft. Protesters, dressed in army fatigues, were marching in a row of entrance at the office park, although police had kept eye on them.

Johann Rupert SA

As this protest was held at Cape Town and the members refused to step back, while they had to ride overnight from Johansburg to Cape Town. To show their anger against Rupert’s remark on “radical economic transformation to theft”, they scattered washing powder, body creams and margarine on the road.

The reason to refuse these Unilever products (washing powder, body cream and margarine) is that Remgro has shareholding in Unilever, and Rupert is the chairman of Remgro. Few days back, Rupert coded radical economic transformation a “theft”. He was also caught saying “That’s what’s happening there. They’re raiding the state’s coffers. And it’s public knowledge.” Bloomberg reported on Richemont’s annual general meeting in Geneva.

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Rupert criticized and warned by gov. or protesters

While protesting against Rupert’s misconduct towards radical economic transformation, banner were used referring to the real face of Johann to the “Republic of Rupert” as the “real state capture”. Foundation’s members mentioned this in the favour of small operators and black entrants and to show the real change for he country’s economic structure.

Many of Patriotic and Black Supporters also stated against Rupert’s statement:

BBBEE legislation and policies are not a ‘code of theft’ but just a tool used for much needed socioeconomic transformation,” stated foundation convenor Sparks Motseki. He further added, “Rupert’s comments were divisive and undermined government’s efforts to redress inequality and injustice”.

He strictly warned Rupert, “If Rupert does not retract his remarks on national TV or newspapers within seven days, we would have no option but to take the legal route”

The ANC had previously said Rupert’s statement was disingenuous and “extremely opportunistic”.

The Western Cape ANCYL said, “The remarks were a clear indication of business arrogance “mainly dominated by white males”, who they felt, disregarded the country’s political leaders.

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