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Ramaphosa’s New “DA” Ploy

Cyril Ramaphosa’s corrupt deeds is nothing new to this country and while the list doesn’t seems like ending,the recent reports published in the Article by Black Opinion Website, Cyril Ramaphosa’s white monopoly capital’s supportive “New Deal” was exposed as a policy proposal of the racist Democratic Alliance (DA). While this revelation was made by Mmusi Maimane who represent as the leader of the DA, The news that Ramaphosa wants to compel a DA policy on the African National Congress (ANC) was revealed at the “Whites Only” affair at Nandos in a Gathering yesterday.

Ramaphosa and Maimane

Maimane, who seems like been instructed by the actual leader of the DA, Helen Zille, addressed the crowd by stating that Ramaphosa’s New Deal was in fact DA policy. The DA is assuring everyone to be aware that Ramaphosa represents an ideological programme similar to that of the opposition party. This further creates two scenarios Firstly, it prepares for scenario one where Ramaphosa comes up as ANC leader. If that happens, a New Deal neo-liberal consolidation will happen where the ANC will rule, under the impact of DA policies.

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The second scenario is if Ramaphosa does not come over as ANC chief, forms a new party and is nominated as the DA’s preferred candidate for President of South Africa. Another New Dealist is Dr Makhosi Khoza, who is making a platform for the Ramaphosa to form a WMC supportive party if he doesn’t get elected.