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President Zuma lashed out at fake allegations regarding “State Capture” Propaganda

“South Africans will judge me for themselves. I did everything I could as an ANC cadre”!

The above were the words of South African president Jacob Zuma in an exclusive Interview with ANN7. During the interview, President Zuma also stated about some of the initiatives taken by him during his tenure which includes making his ministers go along as per “performance criteria” by signing individual performance agreements.

Jacob Zuma Interview

President Zuma also slammed those few people who say that his government has created more problems instead of solving the existing ones. He states that his government was confronting the issues and problems created by the apartheid regime and was now tackling with the challenges & inequalities created by it. Moreover, he further pushed the fact that Radical Economic Transformation was a legacy for ANC and it’s not limited to him only. In his words, “The country must be clear that RET is a policy to correct the past”. He further added that if RET was not followed “South Africa will continue to battle poverty and inequality for a long time”.

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Moreover, talking about the “State Capture’’ allegation, the president said, “Some people want to call it the state of capture report. But the state is not captured. Because to capture the state, you have to capture the executive, legislature, and the judiciary. They talk about individuals but claim that that the state has been captured. When these falsities are repeated, they start looking like the truth”. The Interview went along for almost an hour and President Zuma did speak about a lot more issues in the conversation which are currently running around the political space in the country and most likely to have an impact on the ANC elective conference next month.

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  • People might say thousand bad words to him or his work.They might doubt his capabilities towards working for the masses.But I still believe that this is the man who brought the positive change in the favour of all the black natives and their rights.

    • True, if we have alook at the official records,Tourism is growing at a steady pace throughout President Jacob Zuma’s second term.

  • Many don’t know but his new youth employment incentive has put many young people in work by attaching a tax incentive to employing the young. We youngsters should say a big thanks to him

    • Yup,true and also , Zuma’s term has seen a revolution in state procurement with government getting more bang for its buck from the appointment of a chief procurement office in the Treasury.