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Pravin Gordhan: The Ghost Writer of “The President’s Keepers”

A lot has been said about Jacques Pauw’s book “The President’s Keepers” and the book can now be claimed as a mere collection of praise poems for WMC  by its beloved. While it has been quoted by the publisher that the book has been written by Investigative Author Jacques Pauw, sources as per the news website Black Opinion, reveals that it is the Former Finance minister Pravin Gordhan who is the secret author of this book originally.

Pravin Gordhan

It’s worth mentioning here that Pravin Gordhan can be seen in the above pictures signing autographs on the book in Johannesburg. While it’s a universal tradition that only an author is due to sign a book which is either written or narrated by him, this so called gesture by Gordhan certainly confirms him as the main brain behind this whole “Conspiracy” to bring down President Zuma by firing off someone else’s shoulder. Moreover Pravin Gordhan is seemingly getting excited by so many white people attending the book launch and almost forgotting that he was not suppose to unveil his role behind the book. While people were gazing at him with shocked eyes after seeing him sign the book, most of them soon realized that this book is nothing but just another collection of vegue “hues and cries” to defame President Zuma and help the white monopoly capital in fighting back against Radical Economic Transformation (RET).

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    • Pravin Gordhan is the biggest humility this nation has ever gone through. He along with his boss Rupert shall be thrown out of the country with immediate effect.

  • Jacques pauw is just the puppet. The real game is been played by Pravin gordhan and Johann Rupert to defame all the supporters of RET.

  • BLF shall do something about it. They should march down to the house of Pravin gordhan, Johann Rupert and make them aware what price they must pay in order to befool the masses of South Africa.

  • Pravin gordhan is not only the “Ghost Writer” for this book; he is also the “Ghost Person” behind all the illicit deeds of WMC along with his boss Johann Rupert. Together they are looting SA for their own goods.