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Peter Hain Is Frightened Of Land Expropriation! Well Done Dlamini Zuma

The measures of old Pretoria boy named Peter Hain, who has his long-battle with ANC (African National Congress) presidential hopeful, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma with his request to UK government to enroll her as a money launderer. Certainly, Dlamini – Zuma has written about having distance from allegations, but it is vital to explore where the fall out takes place between Hain Began and Dlamini – Zuma. It was in the year 2001 when Dlamini – Zuma, then the SA foreign minister, wrote a scornful letter to her British counterpart, Robin cook to complain about Hain’s conduct. Hain had then acted as deputy foreign secretary for South Africa.

Peter Hain and Zuma

Hain Unfavorable and Criticisms Measures Disappointed Dlamini-Zuma

Among other things uplifted by Dlamini-Zuma, there was a Hain interview with Sunday paper where he had threatened SA relationship with Britain and Jeopardized the scheduled state visit by President Thabo Mbeki to the UK later in the year. Hain showed his great disapproval with what was then known as SA “quiet diplomacy” policy towards Zimbabwe. He is liable for SA constructive engagement policy towards Zimbabwe land revolution for creating SA considerable damage.

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Hain said that he sometimes wonder whether the leadership of SA understands the gravity of the situation. Constructive engagement seems to be unsuccessful. Dlamini-Zuma opposed to take punches from Hain and indicated to the comments as “deeply offensive”. It was very strange for a foreign government member to openly criticize another government. Dlamini-Zuma had viewed Hain’s conduct that made criticism when visiting South Africa as confirmation of contempt in which he withstands that government.

Dlamini-Zuma Battle With Hain In Terms Of Economic Advantage Of Blacks

Dlamini-Zuma played her part as foreign minister in averting a British-sponsored war in Zimbabwe. We now understand that Britain repeatedly planned to coerce SA helping it to invade Zimbabwe. Britain’s warmongering is documented well in the early 2000s. British unilateralism leads to the tremendous destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Zimbabwe might have just been the segment of these statistics. Ex-president, Thabo Mbeki once announced that there is a retired chief of British armed forces and declared that he had to withstand pressure from Prime Minister of UK, Tony Blair who was revealing to British armed forces chief that you must work-out a military plan so that we can physically eliminate Robert Mugabe.

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The fallout between Dlamini-Zuma and Hain signified that the relations between Britain and SA took a strain under Hain’s watch. Born in Kenya, grew up in Pretoria, Hain is no different from White settler community in SA, with its deep contempt for black leadership. His recent actions display that he was never quite recovered from Britain’s failure to have SA on its side in the planned demolition of Zimbabwe.

Moreover, all the failed plans to upset the ANC with impeachments & court cases to remove president Zuma, Hain, open society foundation and others. Picking on Dlamini Zuma is tricky and, he performed assassination of her person by Hain & his friends. Now, he has friends such as Former Johannes Wessels, Volksblad Journalist who penned a letter of appreciation to Hain for alerting the British authorities and public regarding the rampant corruption robbing normal South Africans or quality public services. Peter Hain & his friends have quietly neglected the plight of the black majority in SA, where their families enjoy an economic advantage from several years of dispassion and looting for Africans.

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  • How easily the WMC has constructed this plot of drawing a conspiracy against the Guptas and the President Zuma. They deserve a Grammy !

  • Iam short of words after seeing this. Dont know why we putting the students in all these dirty conspiracies as this is not the time for them to be involved in politics.