South Africa White Monopoly

Peter Bruce – The Main Campaigner For Destructing Of Libya Of NATO Countries

The whole universe knows that Libyan Regime has reversed the NATO countries through his strategic planning.

The planning have employed military power, took assistance from rebel groups and most essentially they has prejudicied people choice in counteract to the country’s own regime.

In actual manner, NATO move has been influenced heavily by some powerful media houses which is backed up by leading journalists or editors and corporates with business interests.

The media vestibule was led by Peter Bruce who is a Editor of Tiso Blackstart Group beneath the stern vigilance from his London based WMC.

Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce Role In Internal Wars

  • As you know very well that each and every war consists of two sides one war takes place with military power and other with intelligence. However, the absolute winners of the brain games are considered as media houses, particulary the white media that has been persuading their government opinios, not only on policies of nation but also on external wars.
  • The white media has took up the rebels as well as the citizens on the similar table with the aid of their advertising. Moreover, they had nurtured the situation of war in such a manner that NATO countries could simply intervent on the basis of Libyan citizens, as they were broadcasted the present regime.
  • The white foyer headed by the self-proclaimed torch-bearer from media freedom Peter Bruce who formulated a hypocritical negative image of the mandatory regime and depicted that the NATO intervention is the suitable option for saving south African nation.
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Conflicts Taking Place In South Africa

At the time of whole conflict, several stories were telecasted on news channels, newspapers and radio to continue the propaganda against Gaddafi and mentioned him as the most tyrant, despotic and merciless rulers in the history of the world. This malicious advertising of white media has been noted in the Iraq and Afghanistan war where awareness has been developed in the people minds against their government and ruler.

Let’s keep all these information on one site and think about the efforts established by the white media as it leads the counry towards internal war and make the nation to burn in terms of political turmoil.

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Still, they wish to follow the same strategy to be used in the south Africa. By creating disinterest amongst the natives of south Africa for Jacob Zuma Regime and turning up white against blacks. The white media has become dull so they are providing their support and wealth to the largest media channels in the nation so as to rise their power.

There is nothing incorrect in informing that white media has been headed by the folks like Peter Bruce which is equal to devastating like a deadly weapon. In some situations, a weapon might failts to play with the intelligence as its imposed propaganda has a perpetual effect.

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