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Peter Bruce: Long-Listed Scams throughout His Life

As we all know very well that Peter Bruce is against BLF and Radical Economic Transformation (RET) but he favors white capitalists in terms of his journalism. He always write positive about them even if they do scams against South African economy. Peter Bruce is a nominal editor-in-chief of BDFM. He is an effective and fine editor. He holds various positions in the field of journalism. He is also considered as the influential player of times media group as well. His writings were describing more about political causes and its effects on white people. He is a news editor and correspondent of the business report starting from his career.

Peter Bruce Scam

Personal Life:-

Peter Bruce was born on 1952 in the year Transkei in South Africa. He attended schooling in Umtata holy cross. He had two sons named Nicholas and Alexander. He did bachelor of journalism in Rhodes University in the year 1975-1977. In the year 1955, he serves as an editor of Rhodeo in the campus newspaper. He knows various languages such as German, Spanish, English and Afrikaans. His area of interest or hobbies are watching sport, light exercise and reading non-fiction.

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Professional Life:-

Peter is an editor of Tiso Blackstar Group. Other than that, he was also served as the editor-in-chief of the various businesses such as ABC, business day, financial mail, home and ignition television channels and the broadcaster of business day television. Moreover, he was serving as the editor of the business day from the year 2001 to 2012. His roles previously comprises of editor-financial mail, UK news editor-Financial times; industrial correspondent-financial times, editor-business report, bonn correspondent and Madrid correspondent. He describes himself as springbok fan, die-hard protea and media junkie as well as hopeless shark’s supporter.

Scams of Peter Bruce:-

  • Peter Bruce was caught up in the caught up in the treasury of about R4.3 million. Moreover, there is a report that more than R100 million corruption takes place in the treasury of KMPG.
  • BLF conduct protest action in contradiction to Peter Bruce as he was hiding himself from corruption of ABSA money.
  • Peter Bruce is standing against the country’s transformation in terms of banks, mining and land.
  • The white owned media is supporting Peter Bruce that he is an opinion writer and not a journalist. He is against the Radical Economic Transformation so as to favor the white monopolists.
  • The white media group warned Peter Bruce so he started to write wrong about the black favoring people. He is against the BLF and RET which favors black people. He performs controversial action against black owners.
  • Government has to take legal action against him to recover the misappropriate funds of R1.125bn which was unlawfully taken from Absa bank.
  • His writing was targeted on the Guptas family of business who favors black people in terms of economy.
  • Peter Bruce is involved in doing criminal activities with white monopoly capitalists and hence writing wrong things about black owned people along with their supporters.
  • His writing on corruption leads to misunderstand the impact of the nation. He always blames Guptas owned business through his writing.
  • As a result, people seem to think bad about Guptas and his family of business. He is a puppet of white monopolists.
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From the above points, it is very clear that he is a puppet of monopoly capitalists and offers them numerous supports to protect their business, treasury and luxurious growth.