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OAKBAY Files Appeal Against BoB Verdict; Urges Court To Save Livelihood Of Thousands

Thousands of employees of Oakbay group and its mining business were left in a state of Shock, when the court gave the verdict against the group in their “account closure” case vs Bank of Baroda last Thursday and hence leaving the thousands deprived of their bread and butter in the process. The BoB was the last bank associated with Oakbay after 4 big other banks, cut their ties with them. As per the reports published on WMCleaks website,The Group has now filed an appeal in the North Gauteng high court yesterday against the verdict as a last attempt towards saving the livelihood of thousands of their employees, who were also present there and were raising slogans like “Save Oakbay Jobs, Think about Our families”.

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Oakbay Investments

It must be noted here that Oakbay has asked the court earlier to delay the closure of accounts till December so as it can make alternative arrangements to safeguard the financial interests of the employees. But the court still stood “Deaf and Dumb” to the situation of thousands of workers or their families and gave the verdict in favor of Bank of Baroda. The Chances are still very slim for the Oakbay to seek an extension of the date till October for freezing the accounts, as it can now be assumed that the court is also working under the influence of the White Dominance and they are hardly concerned about the situation of common people who will be left struggling for their daily basic needs as a result.

BLF urge BoB to spare a thought about the Oakbay Workers

COSATU were on streets yesterday in a quest to safeguard the financial interests of the working class who have been left jobless. People across every stream and aspect are also voicing their support for the cause, but it’s only the court who have stayed “Emotion-less” in this case and even now it can be presumed that they will give the verdict against the Oakbay group only which sums up the story about their intentions quite well.

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It would be irrelevant to lay the hopes on the court’s verdict now, as they are quite prepared again to reject Oakbay’s plea, leaving them almost “Helpless” and “isolated” with a standing question of how to cater thousands of Livelihoods whilst securing their financial rights alongside.