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#NoVoteRamaphosa: A life of “Mass Murderer and a “Womanizer”

South Africa is long known as a land of a number of brave hearts like Biko and Nelson Mandela and that’s how it has always served this world with a lot more reasons to feel proud with its glory and “Never say Die” approach. But within the state of this glory, the nation got to deal with some “Disgrace” as well every now and then. Cyril Ramaphosa is one of such people who claim themselves to be the child of this Rainbow nation, but often turns colors towards the other way in order to feed the interests of their “White Bosses”. He is one of the most controversial men of the South Africa’s regime and the second richest man in the country is quite synonym to the word “Shameful”.


It’s worth mentioning here that from being the Kingpin to the “Maricana Massacre” to being the “Womanizer” having multiple extra marital affairs, Ramaphosa hasn’t left a stone unturned in his Political Journey so far. Moreover, this WMC stooge even has guts to present himself as the “Biggest contender for the President of South Africa” and also for the next ANC president. A businessman; Deputy President of ANC; an activist; or a man entangled with the heinous massacre of Marikana, where most of the victims were shot at the back and Ramaphosa and voluntarily admitted to the ‘Farlam Commission’ that the killing could have been avoided, if Lonmin Plc had a prior contingency plan for the labor strikes. All this really makes him a “Disgraced” Figure and his further acts of loyalty towards the WMC prove the same.

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The Most Beloved WMC Stooge

Cyril’s “influenced” choice of career have led to many arguments in the past and he raised further eyebrows on the fact whether he has been dedicated to Mandela’s vision of empowering the poor post-apartheid, or that he has been the stooge of the white monopoly capital for all these years.

His most notorious selection, to leave politics in the year 1996 consecutively to join the private sector and gradually build up huge stakes in them, has often left a lot of doubts in mind regarding his work ethics and commitment. Moreover, it was his Profit Motives which drove him away from politics and pushed him to indulge in the Private sector. In 1996, he resigned from the ANC followed by taking up the position of the Deputy Executive Chairman in New Africa Investment Limited (NAIL). That year, NAIL invested R7 million to startup an investment banking company called Pleiade Investment Corporation (PIC). The real reason of creating PIC was to raise capital and publicly become a financial advisor and a broker regarding the deal between SBC communications and MTN. SBC communication simultaneously entered into a joint venture investing R25 million into PIC which was then renamed ‘AMB Capital’.

The duty or an “Obligation” of every true Native of this country is to spread the awareness and boycott him completely, for what he made this country go through.

AMB capital acted as an “advisory” to a R2.7 billion broad based empowerment deal, in which the National Empowerment Corporation/Consortium (NEC) took a considerable share in Johnnic Holdings Limited. Not only AMB capital acted as advisory, but it also raised capital to the value of R2.1 billion for certain members of the NEC to acquire a controlling stake in Johnnic Holdings Limited (Multichoice, MNET, Hotels and Casinos). As the members of the NEC came from the labor unions, this R2.1 billion was raised out of labor Unions pension funds. Following this acquisition, AMB Capital “put forward” Ramaphosa for the position of the Chairman to Johnnic holdings. By the end of the year 1997, many such kinds of broad-based deals had been finalized and they collectively took a stake of almost 10% of the total listed JSE shares at that point of time. Most of the broad-based deals were tagged as preferential shares varying between 3 -8% discount to the listed share price values. It also saw many of these companies’ secure lucrative deals with the Government. Over the next decade, all these broad-based deals showed Ramaphosa getting elected into various Executive and Non-Executive positions on the largest firms listed on the JSE, mostly white corporations. These Ramaphosa occupied roles helped in the favor of concerned companies with government contracts. Such high-profile agreements with various companies led Ramaphosa to be a close associate with the white bosses, indirectly White Monopoly Capital (#WMC). Moreover, he does have stakes in various companies which lists as follows:

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Ramaphosa Company Shares

The KingPin to the Maricana Massacre

Moreover, On 15 August 2012, whilst being one of the board Directors of Lonmin, he called for action against the Marikana miners’ strike, which he himself called a “dastardly criminal” conduct and later resulted in killing 44 Innocent people and many injured. Though, he admitted and regretted later for his involvement in the act and said it could have been avoided, if contingency plans had been made prior to the labor strike, but he never thought once about the Lives that he took due to his stupid decisions.

Cyril the “Womanizer” Ramaphosa

It doesn’t end here, even the self proclaimed “True” Leader Ramaphosa has further been exposed publicly of having an Extramarital affair in his exposed email leaks, published by a famous newspaper and later the same has also been admitted by him in a public statement. Yes! You heard this right. A Father of Four kids and a husband of a Lovely wife feels much proud in accepting having an Extra Marital Affair Publicly and yet he often regards himself as the Future President of South Africa. This now confirms that he is also one of the WMC Stooges, who just keep making effort to Market Him as the Self Proclaimed True leader of the Nation, who just want to defame President Zuma every way possible.

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Bottom Line: #BoyCottRamaphosa

It can be conclusive enough now, that our own Deputy president doesn’t seems like a “Presidential” candidate from any aspect and this is now the duty or an “Obligation” of every true Native of this country to spread the awareness and boycott him completely, for what he made this country go through. People like him shall be thrown out of the legal boundaries of this country for bringing all the humility to this land and its people with his dirty acts.