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No Million Overdrawn By The President Zuma: Auditor’s Secret Report Fails

Now, the Mail & Guardian is also under the custody of white media capitalists and engaged in creating evidence against President Jacob Zuma. He is neither a kept politician nor a financial freeloader. Schabir Shaik is just a financial adviser for Zuma. The draft report prepared by the Mail & Guardian is absolutely fake one. Of course, it’s the master plan of whites so as to vilify the president. Right now, no documents have been seized from Zuma, Shaik and others.

President Zuma

The one and only intention of the President Zuma is to serve the nation and people. He never shows interest towards money. In addition, there is no evidence available related to various bank accounts of Zuma with more than R 400000. Further, Zuma has never benefited from the benefactors including Mandela and Shaik who are only their political and financial advisors. Rather than contracts related to state development, he never signed a sub-contract with the arms deal company. In order to lead an ideal political position, he would not like to maintain a terrible credit profile in large commercial banks. More than that, he further insists Shaik, his associative member to follow the same. You may believe it or not, some business tycoons belonging to white domination have planned to arrange raids on his home and office. But ultimately, no additional materials were seized as he practiced to do each and every thing in a legal manner.

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Together with WMC, Democratic Alliance has also worked against Zuma as the aim of both WMC and Democratic Alliance is to capture the state. For this reason, they prepare fake evidences and documents against the president. As the financial position of the president has never been deteriorated in the course of time, there is no shortage found in the daily funding needed to run his lifestyle. Even, the cash requirements of zuma are within his capability to fund such a requirement from his salary itself. The predicament, which the president found himself from the childhood days lead to compact spending on his side. To get this outcome, the contribution of Shaik who is the claimed financial advisor, is very large. In fact, Shaik has helped to increase the funding in addition to reduce the spreading.

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Zuma understood the value of money earned by his country’s people. So, he never thinks of money growing on trees. He always tried to fund his spending from his individual resources instead of forcing or pressuring other companies like Nkobi Group to do so. Therefore, Zuma is not responsible for the decline in the resource of net cash. No shortage is found in the cash balance of Nkobi Group as they are not involved in paying on behalf of the president. Even, Shaik has never make use of his connection with the president deliberately. Only the hard work is the reason behind the successful business activities of Nkoki Group, since Shaik ever considered the relationship with Zuma and also his broader political connectivity. Instead, he always takes the advice of Zuma who suggest him not to engage in illegal activities. Whatever false statements and evidences being produced the white media capitalists, Zuma is consistently winning the battle and build-up the confidence among the people.

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