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NDZ17: Reasons, Why The “Iron Lady” Is The Ultimate Choice For Being The Leader of SA

The Coming ANC presidential election in the country has grabbed a lot of eyeballs on subjects like Radical economical transformation, Dominance of White Monopoly Capital and Economic Inequality. While both the contenders, namely Cyril Ramaphosa and Nkozana Dlamini Zuma are going with “All gun blazing” to their respective campaigns, and the political or personal history of both, along with their achievements and mischief, seems like going to decide the winner. As per the reports published on news24, While there’s a lot been said about the corrupt and dirty deeds of Cyril Ramaphosa, but let’s have a look at the pros and cons of NDZ and the implications on the country, if she becomes the next ANC president.

Nkozana Dlamini Zuma

  • Be it Women, Youth or the veterans, NDZ has got the support from almost every faction of the society. Undoubtedly,  Her clean image could well help her in the upcoming elections.
  • Her undisputed history of noble serving and corruption-free leadership makes her as a perfect epitome of discipline and loyalty.
  • NDZ doesn’t only utter mere words about Radical Economic Transformation, but talk about how it can be used as a best tool through better skills development, and how women or the youth can contribute in a much better manner for the society as well as the country.
  • NDZ doesn’t believe in going gaga about her campaigns. She talks mostly with sense in all her public meetings, unlike his competitor Ramaphosa who is backed by all the paid white media in his support.
  • NDZ always believes in conveying the message of unity among the ANC factions. While she herself implements the same in her acts, in fact she also inspires every ANC cadre to implement the same in their daily routines.
  • NDZ believes in the words honesty and trust big time and this is what she quotes in each & every message of her to every section of the society irrespective of color. This way, she is not showing her back to business or any sector, but maintaining the belief of encouraging further engagement to focus on issues which matters.
  • People may call her well confined and conventional person, but while she still emphasize on combating the Economical challenges which this country is facing in the process. It’s a fact that she is made focused towards the masses and their interest big time. Moreover, even at her Lusaka Nyanga community address in the Dullah Omar region, she pushed forward the fact that her focus would be more on youth education and women empowerment.
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People may call her Ex wife of Zuma, but those people shall first have a look, how she has made herself an independent and strong willed women in the past few years after getting Divorced. She is the perfect mix of “Strength” and “Respect” at the same time and it’s up to the people to make their decision on whom they actually want to see as their leader. Choose An “Iron Lady” or a “Womanizer”!