Scams White Monopoly

Max Du Preez: A Ridiculous Journey Towards Serving White Monopolists

Max Du Preez, an author and communist of South Africa, is very famous to support whites for their activities of looting the country. He is also one of them, who are playing the role to hide all scams accomplished by white monopolists and even support them throughout their lives.

Max Du Preez Scams

Early Life

He was born in 1951 in Kroonstad at South Africa. Actually, an aim, to support whites, retains in his blood and we can identify this with an incident- “There was a time in south Africa after 1948 when National party gained power in South Africa and sudden white government began enforcing existing policies of racial segregation under the program called “Apartheid”. But opposite of many Afrikaners, Max’s parents were in the support for this programe and were satisfied with the integration of non-whites and whites.

ApartheidUnder apartheid, nonwhite South Africans (a majority of the population) would be forced to live in separate areas from whites and use separate public facilities, and contact between the two groups would be limited.”

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In his young age, Max attended journalism studies in an Afrikaner institution named Stellenbosch University. After that, he started his career in journalism as he writes in both English and Afrikaans language newspaper for supporting apartheid government.

Political Life

Max Du Preez involved in anti-apartheid movements like United Democratic Front. On 1988, he considered Vyre Weekblad which is the first Afrikaans-language and anti-apartheid movement which offered alternative perspectives from a typical media and was dangerous for the government. However, the government planned to throttle the paper legally and financially by levying inflated registration fees and charging it with numerous infractions. Today, he serves as both media personality and South African columnist.

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Scams of Max Du Preez

  • Max Du Preez was sentenced to jail for the period of six months for quoting Joe Slova, who is a leader of South African communist party.
  • He was charged many times for corruption especially for confronting a meeting in ANC national executive committee.
  • He was dismissed by SABC from his position for being executive editor of special assignment. SABC later informed that he was dismissed for his non-compliance.
  • Being an author of the news editor, he writes badly about the black supporters and more good news about the Rupert and other white monopolist.
  • He is new puppet in the hands of WMCs as well as their business houses so whatever corruption made by them will not be revealed outside.
  • Numerous billions of rand were at stake just because his fake news in the favor of whites and people are helpless to find out exact scams of white puppets.
  • He is also considered as the main key for SARS hostility towards Pravin Gordhan finance minter containing dynamite allegations of corruption, foreign bank accounts, front companies and fraudulent activities against president Zuma.
  • There are many crucial factors in South African country like racism and apartheid. However, Max Du Preez does not write / share any news on those issues. He only creates fake and controversial news about the black owned business / businessmen, their mineral wealth and financial factor.
  • Max Du Preez are paid a high amount by WMC for making these fake controversial news.
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From these points, it is clear that Max Du Preez is involved in favoring whites because he belongs to white community. His interests and passion fully deals with white monopoly rather on South African economy.