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Malema led EFF down and almost out in Johannesburg by- Elections

Media always have something to quote and highlight specially when there’s an election being held in the country taking care of the fact that one of their fundamental duties is to serve the general public with all the relevant news in its real and unaltered form. But quite surprisingly, the so called Media houses (mostly white owned) stayed away from covering the news where their most beloved London-controlled Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Julius Malema has registered a shocking 3% decrease of the vote in an important by-election in Johannesburg recently.

Voters rejects EFF in Johannesburg

As Expected, the ruling party ANC (African national congress) convincingly won the Ward 124 but it’s the alarming drop in the vote share of EFF (9.44% in 2017 from 11.99% in 2016) that made all the buzz. A Notable 3% downfall! That clearly shows the voters have given their verdict about their choice by rejecting Malema and its party.

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This does seems like something on the cards, especially in the wake of latest survey released by Ipsos last week which shows that the EFF’s national share of the vote has dropped to 5% ,but dropping of Votes percentage  even in One ward and that too in one of its biggest voters base Johannesburg does sounds like an Danger alarm to the Party which often been taken aboard with heaps of praises by the Whites owned media.

Moreover, this downfall further signifies towards certain facts. Firstly, EFF is scared of an early election because it’s a big time possibility that they might face a downfall again from the 6.3%  votes they got in the 2014 national election and Secondly, this seems to be the sole reason why they are still holding on to their abusive and racism-driven alliance with Democratic alliance(DA).

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In addition to this, their loss of the vote percentage could be largely related to their continuous involvement  in Judicial acts instead of Open political contest, just like their partners in crime DA , and it’s a given that this might not have gone well with the general public.

Source: The New Age

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  • I’m not surprised at all! Even my 8 year old son can differentiate between the false propaganda of the EFF. Johannesburg is just a beginning. I’m confident that the EFF will lose in most regions, especially after the exposed scam of smear campaigning against ANC.