Scams White Monopoly

Lies and Threats of Johann Rupert to Save White Monopoly Capital

White monopoly capital is found to be embodied by a team of well-heeled white families, businessmen and CEO’s in South Africa.

In fact, these white capitalists have their virtual dirty hands in all the industries that they have monopolized. For this reason, black businesses don’t have opportunities to get in and so now whites are gonna rule on south africa.

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The chief of monopoly capitalists is none other than Johann Rupert. He is a man who had been hailed as the Stellenbosch Mafia.

With the help of his several media connects, he has been assumed as the peddler of lie as White monopoly capital is created by his former agency Bell Pottinger.

Cheats And Deceit Of Johann Rupert

Rupert is referred as the chairman of Richemont, the Luxury Goods Swiss Company, and the chairman of Remgro, owned by Rupert, has shares in Kagiso Media, Caxton, eMedia and Naspers like in almost all the sectors of the South Africa economy. His dictatorship doesn’t end here in fact he rules on all top businesses and companies, including Top Media.

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“Does Rembrandt benefit from lifeboats? This is a straight forward question that won’t be asked by the white owned media.”

It is not surprising to see that people, including Thuli Madonsela and Verashni Pillay, sing tunes from the song sung by Rupert. This simply means that Rupet has invested in each and every media establishment found in South Africa.  Rupert has the ability to direct his agents in order to weave anti-black narratives.

In South Africa, White monopoly capital is a proof of saying that people who are in power have not just the means of production, yet they are just creating fake news taking the name of public opinion.

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Since, public opinion is persuaded to defame the national leaders in a distressed attempt with the intention to split the views of black people and to redirect their energy from competing against their real enemy, who is nothing but the white people.

Recently, CIEX report that Johann Rupert & his father Anton Ruper are one of the parts of White Businessmen who has benefited out of so called “LifeBoats”.

But, in a frantic attempt, Johann Rupert discredit the report by making emotional, untruthful and irrational denials and threats and says that Ciex Report will be a work of fiction. As a billionaire, Rupert has no excuses for being sued for the defamation of character.

Without any doubt, it is clear that these empty threats are made to threaten the public protector as well as those who have called for investigations about white corruption.

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Responsible For All Faults Related To Bankorp

Johann Rupert is supposed to be jumping the gun. While trying to redirect attention out of his very own culpability, Rubert says that he was contested to Bankorp deal that eventually benefited ABSA.

 This will be an unwitting admission, which he knew regarding the Shenanigans at SARB at the time of apartheid.

However, most importantly, he is in a desperate attempt to answer a question, which no one had asked him. He should answer with respect to Rembrandt that today is Remgro.

From the above stated, it is clear that Johann is a troubled man who should quickly confess, repent and also pay back the money. No lies and threats work all the time.