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Johann Rupert- Stellenbosch Mafia King Leaks About Relationship With Malema

Johann Rupert and Julius Ma

About 1/3rd of richest triad in South Africa such as Johann Rupert, Christo Weise and Nicky Oppenheimer are bestowed with lifetime achievement award by Sunday times in credit of his country’s economic contribution. This information seems to be true. This man along with his family who got collective wealth through apartheid and who has stolen from black people seems to obtain award for just doing that. During his recognition speech, Johann Rupert mention about his connection with the leader Julius Malema of EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters). While checking with the previous reports regarding the black judgment, Rupert has indicated that he had not met Malema ever however declared that Malema never end talking about him in the midst of public as he would never tumble the beans regarding providing him the money.

Functioning similar to a real Mafia King, Rupert declared that he has sent Malema a memo via friend. The demeanor of Rupert proposes that he was irritated by the datum of Malema for the sake of accepting the money from him and hence approaching media to disprove their relationship. However he declared that stop telling about him and also told not to lie about their relationship. He did not meet him but he assured that he can also play over the game easily.

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You can read the full acceptance speech of Rupert that is mentioned below. The speed mentioned was mixed up with tinges of sarcasm and white racist arrogance which displayed the haughtiness of a person who possesses everything:

There are 2 prime shocking matters regarding a racialist loyal capitalist who is being provided with a lifetime achievement award as well.

We require a question why newspaper claim for objective or neutral entity that broadcasts information for the public, serves out awards both for the business owners and businesses.

Most of the big businesses in the country of South Africa tend to play a vital role in the contract of the most terrible injuries in contradiction of blacks as well as poor people. The black owners are exploited in major industrial sectors like domestic works, wine farms and mining sector and hence the media does not cover these injustices. Rather, the news agencies will cover only the news of fancy hotels and awards provided to them. The Sunday times highly focused on JSE listed companies as they describe that these awards are true to Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman. Both Chomsky and Herman declare that the media serves and propagandize on the basis of strong societal interests who finance and controls them.

According to Forbes, Johann Rupert has a widest network of about R75 billion and the award was given to him for his biggest contribution towards the economy. This seems to be highly possible because the prosperity and wealth of the black people are taken powerfully via the white monopolies at the time of apartheid and colonialism.

Anton Rupery who is the father of Johann seems to support the regime of apartheid actively. He was permitted by the National Party sections in order to operate as prime minister. The family of Rupert is also incorporated in the wine industry. During the award function, Parvin Gordhan is offered with award of Business leader. The involvement of Gordhan, media, government and big businesses will certainly take over the country again.

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