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Guptas Takes me as a “Likeable guy”- Duduzane Zuma to BBC

The sweet connection between the Guptas and Duduzane Zuma is well known and the latter also admitted the same in an Interview given to BBC World in the show named “Focus on Africa” where he said that the Guptas take me as a “Likeable guy”.

He talked about his first interaction with the Guptas and how they came closer on business terms. “I don’t think they wanted anything from me. They liked me. As I liked them. I think I’m a likeable guy,” Duduzane said.

Duduzane Zuma to BBC

“It was just a meeting of minds – they understood me, I understood them”.

When asked about allegation from former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas on offering him bribe by Gupta family, he clearly denied the same saying that he was present there, and there was no such thing that happened. It was him who arranged this meeting to sort out the issues between the GUPTAS and Jonas .

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He was further questioned by the interviewer on why is he visiting Dubai ? Or if he has any property there ? Or does the Gupets or his father own any property there? In reply to the same, Duduzane calmly responded, ”Dubai is a beautiful country and I am here on a business visit and if you talk about me, my dad or Guptas owing any apartment here, we don’t owne anything here”.

Duduzane then been asked about corruption allegation on him and his business partners Guptas and whether he thinks this might end him up behind the bars. In response to the same, he clearly denied it with utmost calm and composure. In his words “It just crossed my mind now. It’s the first time … I don’t know if you saw it crossing my mind but it’s gone!”he laughed and said.

So it can be concluded that the Guptas and Duduzane do share some strong and sweet business terms which we can hopefully regards as the building blocks of South African future and may bring the same economical development which the whole nation is looking forward to.


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