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Gordhan’s allegations to Zuma for Corruption were Baseless

Pravin Gordhan, Former finance minister of South Africa, in an interview in April with CNN Journalist Christiane Amanpour, admitted that even though he thinks that Zuma is Corrupt, he didn’t have any evidence to prove the same.

Zuma and Gordhan

In a 12 minute long interview, when gordhan was asked by Amanpour, whether he have any direct evidence with him to prove the corruption charges against Zuma, he literally mumbled and said “no, I don’t have any personal information, but as I said there are all sorts of suggestions not just about the president but people in the private sector and people in the public sector”.

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Gordhan, who is usually criticized for his White monopoly favored acts by his critics, was fired by President Zuma in April. The president, Jacob Zuma ordered this to look in the light of his Incompetency to implement the radical economical transformation in the Treasury. Moreover, Gordhan always himself stood corrupt as more than R4 billion, which was being looted under his management out of the Treasury, provided his strong links with most of the corrupt banks.


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  • Is it not obvious that after being being exposed as a corrupt man, the immediate reaction of Gordhan will be to blaming the man who is practically responsible for his political career? He is a thankless and ungrateful person, not just for Zuma but for the entire country and he deserves to be sacked.

  • This has also been the case with the pro-white camp. Millions of allegations, and yet no proof. Their biggest power is the corrupt media whom they use to mushroom baseless blames and finger point anyone who is against their greed for economic power in the country.

  • Most of these image tarnishing pieces we see are baseless and hollow ploys by the whites to defame those who are doing real work for the country. These wmc lobbyists takes the people of the nation to be idiots who will fall for everything they say. We all know how the media has been bought by them.