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Gordhan Need To Leave His Seat From Finance Committee Till Charges Against Him

Parliamentary Standing Finance committee has been requested by the Black Radical Political Formation, BLF to remove Pravin Gordhan, the former Finance Minister, from the parliament and committee. A movement is organized with the intention to claim a case against the Finance Committee for the purpose of contravening the act of prevention & combating of corrupt activities. Dudu Myeni, the chairperson of SAA Board will appear in the front of the committee to describe this quarterly report. According to the movement, it has confirmed that Gordhan is found to be conflicted, captured and also compromised by the white monopoly capital and thus, he could not able to being impartial in such a committee hearing.

Dudu Myeni Gordhan

Precipitating a situation to privatize SAA:

It is evident that Gordhan is trying to harangue the chairperson of SAA board in order to create a crisis, which will able to precipitate the criteria towards them while privatizing SAA. Due to this fact, the movement has asked Gordhan to remove from the committee. Further, BLF says that it would lay a charge in opposition to the committee if they won’t act on cases.

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BLF demands and a Brief explanation about SAA Quarterly report:

It will be pointed out that the chair person of SAA had early brought corruption at SAA just like indicated below to the knowledge of committee that in turn has performed nothing regarding it. So, BLF wants to warn the entire committee with the inclusive of SSA Chairperson as they tend to face several possible criminal charges that include contravening section 34 for preventing and combating corrupt activities. During these circumstances, it is not good to believe the committee until it has solve the issues and one among them is Gordhan whose one and only mission is nothing but haranguing the chair person of SAA Board for creating a crisis, which will be precipitating the situation towards privatizing SAA. BLF demands that Gordhan should rescue himself from the parliamentary Finance committee since there will be an overwhelming evidence concerning an apprehension of bias that arises while being compromised, captured and conflicted by the white monopoly capital.

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List of several instances to corroborate the accusation:

  • Gordhan has many business ties with white capital that has compromised his capability to serve the nation
  • BLF open a criminal case against many a number of white business people for contravening section 4, which prevent and combat the corrupt activities 2004.
  • Another compliant has been lodged by the BLF at Public Protector with respect to the state captured by the white business people
  • The way by which Gordhan has handled the process of closure of Oakbay bank accounts previous year further proves that Gordhan will be compromised, conflicted and also beholden to the white settler monopoly capital.
  • In this regard, Pravin Gordhan was not able to execute his tasks that involved following a saga sanctioned by the cabinet.
  • Even evidence in rebuttal demonstrates that allegations, which Oakbay had illegally shifted funds to outer Africa is false
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In the all above circumstances, it is very clear that there is a strong apprehension of bias over Pravin Gordhan. So, he should rescue himself from this concerned matter and secondly, he should be removed from the member of standing Finance committee.