Gordhan asks Guptas to leave SA; tries to Divert mass attention from ‘Paradise Papers” Leaks

WMC has long exploited this country in every terms, be it Financial and economic resources or whether it’s about the “Biased treatment’ they have got across every aspect of the society in the country. As per the reports published on EWN news site, The Corrupt and dirty nexus of People like Johann Rupert, Trevor manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin gordhan is kind of cancer which is plaguing the veins of this whole country since many years. While attempts have been made to counter their increasing influence on Country’s economy and financial resources, WMC along with its stooges have given their all in order to stop these unwanted forces to support their existence further. The Gupta family is one of such kind of threat to the WMC influence and since years now they have been made to face the entire wrath by WMC and its supportive media. Just recently another WMC stooge Pravin Gordhan has asked Guptas to leave the country for the betterment of SA.

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Pravin Gordhan Leaks

While he quotes that” the sooner the Guptas get out of South Africa, the better for the country”, he seems like forgetting that the biggest threat to this country and its interest is he himself along with his WMC peers like Johann Rupert, Maria Ramos, Magda Wierzycka, Christo Wiese who have brought this country to disgrace in every manner possible since the past few years. On the other hand, The offensive comment by the Gordhan about the Gupta family having to leave South Africa is nothing but kind of his frustration. It’s worth mentioning here that Gordhan along with its WMC peers don’t go good with Gupta family because they are seen as supporting Radical Economic Transformation and a barrier in the way to their Self Motive Financial Interests.

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Moreover, the recent Paradise papers expose clearly confirms who is the real culprit and threat to South African economy with as many as six white big companies involved in tax abusing and money laundering cases. While gordhan won’t even utter a single word regarding the same, he can still keep spilling dirty beans against the guptas and that too at a place like parliament. While BLF has condemned this action of Gordhan, they have also decided to forward a complaint to the parliament regarding the same. As per a statement published on their website,”BLF shall be writing to parliament to complain about the unparliamentarily conduct of Gordhan and ask parliament to remove him as an MP for breaching the oath he took. Furthermore, BLF shall lodge a high court application to have Pravin Gordhan’s remarks declared unlawful and that Gordhan must be ordered to apologize and withdraw his xenophobic comments.”

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  • Gordhan is not the only one..the book is totally written to defame the image of Zuma..This shows biased white media is. All the time trying to misguide people of SA by their stupid propaganda. What else can we expect from them?

  • Whites are being exposed to so many stories like the Paradise Papers. But would still be stick on one #FakeStory created by Amabhugane. Heard about new ones?? WMC stooges like Gordhan, Ramaphosa, Magda exposed.