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FNB Is Reported For Discrimination against the Black Client

The Black natives of the country have often gone through the heat of Discrimination and harassment by their White counterparts since decades. Their inappropriate exploitation is nothing new as regarded to their previous experiences within their own backyard. The same is exposed in the case of Magdalena Pietersen, who has paid to First National Bank (FNB) more than she owed. She took out a home loan for R61,000 in July 1995, and instead of her account being credit in February 2013, but she still owes the bank R79,278.77.

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Moreover, as per the recent calculation by renowned financial consultant Emerald Van Zyl, the truth is revealed that she has been overcharged by R209,772.68 and it can be taken as a discrimination act by the bank on her, just for being a poor black native. Emerald Van Zyl represents Pietersen as a consultant along with two others in a class action lawsuit against FNB, which will be held in the Western Cape Equality Court in November. It is also a scenario that she had to beg from FNB for the bank statements regarding the enquiry when Van Zyl last evaluated her account. And the bank refused to provide the same and she had to arrange it all by her.

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This clearly confirms though Pietersen remains in debt as per the bank’s records, but it’s the bank who owes her money after as per the evaluation. Now this is a clear case of Racial discrimination and it’s a given that she would have got a better treatment if she would have been a white and didn’t have to go through all the harassment and threats from the bank to repossess her house. It’s worth mentioning here that By 30 June 2003, Pietersen was paying 4% higher than her white counterparts due to the discriminatory practices of the bank. By 31 January 2014, her debt was R96 173,02 instead of being in credit for R14 176,05 according to a calculation by Van Zyl. “The difference of R108 349.07 represents the total damages suffered by the Complainant as a result of the unfair discrimination,” her declaration in the Equality Court says.

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So that means even, if she has completely paid off her debts, the FNB hasn’t shown any mercy on Pietersen, who still prayed to god to take her out of this situation. Moreover, she has lived with her son and two brothers; one of them had cancer and other one was on wheelchair and both of them are no More. She is going through all this even when the law says that you cannot increase the interest rate when in arrears and therefore it can be said that the bank has clearly harassed her on discriminatory grounds and should be penalized.

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Source : FNB Discrimination Case: Delaying Tactics, Lies Exposed & Perjury Charges


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