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Finally Trevor and Maria Married in The Place of Johann Rupert’s Wine Farm

Two biggest giants from the location of South Africa who were working in the tremendous financial sector tied a wedding knot in the place of Johann Rupert’s wine farm on Saturday. They loved each other for past few years and they both went for public meetings and gatherings without annoying of the public.

Trevor Manuel whose age is 52 and his sweetie Maria Ramos whose age is 49 had got married on Sunday. Their marriage has been confirmed by the Manuel’s orator Thoraya Panday. Trevor Manuel is a finance minister at present whereas Ramos is ex-director general of finance and currently holds the position of CE of Transnet. Both people are belonging to the finance landscape so they get attracted each other.

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Ramos accepted the CE post in banking group of Absa. Before to marrying Marie Ramos, Manuel had a secrete divorce with her first wife. Their divorce takes place in the Cape High Court previous year. The hearing of the divorce case was maintained secretly. After to the divorce of this ex-wife, he has relationship with Ramos who is the director general of finance.

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Trevor Manuel and Ramos have gone to several public occasions as they started their love relationship while Ramos was holding the director-general post in National Treasury. They both were seen together in public and frequently on the location of Cape Town for launching the biography of Trevor Manuel in the name of “Choice, Not Fate”. They did not maintain any kind of secret in their love. Wherever they go, they go as couples even before marriage event.

The couple has not create any kind of secrete in their fondness. They both love each other and hence accept before the public also. In the year 2005, press meeting was held at Sars’s Carlton Centre bureau where Manuel was supposed to hand over his details on tax return. More number of journalists was waiting for long time but Manuel run to Ramos office situated on the 50th floor in order to “Greet” her. This show how much fondness Manuel has on her darling Ramos.

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During the recent budget speech of Manuel, he thanked Ramos: “Finally, thanks to my dearest Maria, my sisters, my mom, friends, Oupa and other family members”. Likewise, Ramos also told in the business report:” First and Foremost, I am a professional woman and I cannot image that minister of finance is my partner. I live my personal life with truthfulness”. This couple is declared to be made for each other.

This wonderful marriage ceremony takes place in Franschhoek wine farm L’Ormarins which is owned by the Johann Rupert Family. Previously the couple declared that the marriage ceremony will be taking place this week. This wonderful occasion would be attended only by their family members, small group of guests and media personalities. Although, this marriage is simple it made an everlasting memory in the minds of the couple.  At last, they got married and going to lead a happy life. Manuel and Ramos are also planning for their honeymoon in the location of Cape Town.

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