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Ferial Haffajee: Biography Revealing About the Scams throughout the Journey

Ferial Haffajee, a journalist and newspaper editor in South African, has been the editor of the City Press newspaper since July 2009. She is involved in social and structural racism by combing with white monopolists. She is more into news for her connection with white community and to ill-treats black people by providing false news about them.

Ferial Haffajee Scams

Early Life And Career

Ferial Haffajee was born on 20th February 1967 and an Indian born Bosmont grown Journalist. Her father was a worker in clothing factory. Moreover, she is an alumnus of Witwatersrand University. She was a cub-reporter for Mail and Guardian and has served as its associate editor, economics writer and media editor various times. Prior to taking up job of editorship, she held position at state broadcaster SABC, as television reporter and radio producer at Financial Mail magazine.

Being a senior editor, she was responsible for managing editor and political coverage. Her most valued recreational activities are traveling, meditation, reading and many others. She has been an editor of City press newspaper starting since July 2009. Moreover, she was appointed by the board of international press institute in the year 2011.

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Professional Activities

Ferial is appointed as the regional leader for black management forum in the year 2004. She is a general columnist for 7 Deadly spins, a business magazine. Other than that, she is headed as a chairperson of national editors of South African forum and a member of South African media institute. She is a member of inter-press service and health-e Africa along with a freelancer for ACP-EU and new internationalist. Besides all these, she serves as a judge in Mondi magazine panel.

Scams of Ferial Haffajee

  • Ferial Haffajee is responsible for all the prejudices, cultural factors, structural inequalities, discriminatory factors, sexism and patriarchy which are prevailing in South African country.
  • Being a journalist, she spreads fake news about black women on Facebook and Twitter media. To succeed financial, she is serving as a puppet for white monopoly capitalists.
  • Mainly responsible for the adverse consequences on the political issues faced by the black capitalists.
  • She used to explain and justify her tweets in terms of political grave. Even she narrated specific stories in her publications regarding her contradiction of black people.
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“In her past no one knew about her but as soon Ferial Haffajee joined WMC, she is getting more popularity for tweeting / re-tweeting against blacks. Even right now she is earning more from WMC for her skills.”

  • She is a part of big fake campaign, “Guptas factory” which is running by Whites about. Fake Images, created by her, are powerful in delivering specific messages to make the people believe the news.
  • However, its clearly seen that the images are photoshopped version as the news seems to be gendered and patriarchal. Ferial Haffajee has indicated that ABSA bank is only specialized in stealing the economy of the people.
  • The black first land first is attacked by white monopoly capitalists so they can spread the corruption. This corruption was involved white journalists, who are in cahoots with white monopoly capitalists.
  • Ferial Haffajee was paid with addition rand for spreading false news about the black people in the media. Moreover, white people show her as a good person in front of the media.
  • White monopolists are responsible for running the corruption in the South African nation but they will never reveal the hidden truth to the media. They pay to the media as they are under white capitalist’s control.
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From the above facts, it is clearly known that Ferial Haffajee spends her life fully on favoring and assisting white monopolists only. She does not show interest in developing the nation.