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EEF, OUTA And DA Plan To Annoy MPs To Vote Against President Zuma

Recently the leaked emails expose an unlawful plan to worry Members of Parliament (MPs) for voting against President Zuma. The alleges in the leaked emails, that have been confirmed by sources very close to OUTA (Organization Undoing Tax Abuse) indicates that a plan to use additional judicial means to throw out President Zuma has been formulated by three government change organizations.

President Zuma

The plan involves the publishing of MPs personal information like their Twitter handles, Facebook accounts, current phone numbers and more frighteningly, the actual addresses of law makers. The plan is to subject the MPs to severe pressure via harassment and public threats. The idea was argued after it emerged that 60 ANC MPs, who are bought to vote with the antagonism, developed cold feet.

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Presently the campaign of Pravin Gordhan, Mondli Gungubele and Dr Makhosi Khoza, which is secretly supported by likes of Jackson Mthembu, is now falling apart. This has endorsed the regime change group to think plan B. However, there are some incongruities among three organizations.

Harassing MPs To Vote Against Zuma

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EEF) lifted the possibility of being made accountable for disloyalty, but OUTA seem to consider that they can get away with it-just like it occurred with so-called Gupta leaks.

The most annoying part of the plan incorporates the capture of High Court Judge. Sources specify that the tide should not turn in favor of regime change forces; a Judge has been involved in the plan to sanction the motion of no confidence which is going to takes place on National Assembly.

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The judge would then grant the embargo and the government change forces would attempt to regain momentum towards a motion of no confidence. The three organizations are annoyed that if president Zuma endures another motion of no confidence, then his influence would be strengthened.

Black Opinion (BO) has vast knowledge of the name of Judge who seems to be caught up. During next few days, more details will be declared by BO. Now, it is a matter of waiting and viewing, whether plan A will be let loosed.

Things look to be frantic for the government change forces.