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Dr Khoza starts her own “Pirated” version of ANC

Dr Makhosi Khoza is former a ANC member who left ANC on the grounds of trust and faith issues. Once she left the party, she openly announced that she won’t be joining politics in the near future and would mostly indulge in social welfare work in the country. Now the same Makhosi Khoza has launched her own political party named “Change”. Though the name itself compliments her approach and attitude which keeps “changing” over the time, Black Opinion news website has published a report in reference to a story narrated by BLF head Andile Mngxitama. The Report clearly quotes the ploy by Dr Khoza as ‘Fake’ citing her previous statements.

Dr Makhosi Khoza

It’s been said that the launch of Dr Makhosi Khoza’s party has officially announced the arrival of fake politics in South Africa. Moreover she has also copied the logo from her previous party the African National Congress (ANC). This can very well be regarded as the copy paste strategy by her to fool people stating that she carries the more efficient version of ANC over to serve the nation. This can moreover be regarded as an attempt to gain cheap popularity and instant fame while coming in limelight for the “Pirated” version of ANC. The report further quotes that the unparalleled success of the African Independent Congress (AIC) has inspired the fakers. The AIC has benefited immensely from infringements of the copyright law relating to the rights of the ANC.

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Dr Khoza’s barefaced copying of the ANC’s logo can certainly be called as the introduction of “doubles” in South African political arena. The report further said that In the era of car hijacking, it was common to have up to three cars with the same registration number on the roads. The stolen “twin” was given the registration credentials of the original car. We are witnessing the hijacking of the brands of established political parties by parasitical forces that want to reap where they didn’t sow.

She has further named her party as ADC (African Democratic Change) which can be clearly co-related with ANC. She might be thinking that the popularity of ANC among the masses can be cashed easily by diverting people’s attention towards irrelevant issues and then attract them towards her party in the list of “Brainwashed Voters”. The same identity theft has also hit Black First Land First (BLF) as per the report. It further states that there is a charlatan who has not just replicated the insignia of BLF, he has also copied its motto. The BLF motto is “Land or Death”. The faker has cast the motto of his “organization” as “Black Power or Death”. The identity hijackers wish to reap the benefits of mistaken identity. We have seen through the experience between the ANC and the AIC just how devastating the damage to the original party can be.

Dr Khoza’s open claims that her party is focused towards the agenda of Anti Corruption; still the irony is that her party carries a logo copied from ANC. She is celebrating the fact of fighting corruption with corruption in her own wonderland. Therefore it’s up to the people to not get fooled by this identity copying ploy by Dr Khoza to woo the voters in her favor. Politics has found its new low where Values and morals have been thrown in the gutter, making a parallel ideology that attracts the attention of the masses.

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