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Daniels’s “liar” act on ESKOM inquiry confirms her Dirty Prejudice against the Guptas

Below is a story in reference to the article published on the Black Opinion Website on Nov 16 2017.

The Following scenes show the proceedings in the parliament over a discussion at the inquiry into state
capture at Eskom.

Khulani Qoma, the former Eskom board spokesperson, starts the conversation, saying, “I heard from
Zethembe Khoza that Minister Lynne Brown is captured. From what Khoza told me, I formulated a
theory that the minister is indeed captured. If the minister is not captured, she must then come and tell
us she is not.” Then the whole country goes like, “we knew it, this minister is captured.”
Ironically,Zethembe Khoza, the Eskom CEO, then distance herself and ESKOM from Qoma’s words
stating the same represents her personal views and not that of ESKOM.

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By having a look at the above incident we can certainly confirm the desperation amongst the WMC
faction to bring down anyone who doesn’t market their fake propagandas. Moreover, Suzanne
Daniels,an attorney and another WMC supporter, claims in front of the inquiry that she was there in a
meeting with Duduzane Zuma, Ajay Gupta and Dep. Minister Ben Martins at Melrose Arch, in
Johannesburg on 29 July 2017 even when she don’t have an evidence about the meeting. Moreover,
Later on, Ajay Gupta himself proves Daniels wrong by showing his passport which confirms that he was
in India between 23 July – 31 July. He also furnished further proofs which show the movements of his
flight on Jet airways. If this was not enough, he did also produce a YouTube clip showing him to be in
India on 29 July.

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Seems like truth has lost its existence in the hands of Paid white media and their fake propaganda in the
wake of WMC’s Influence. If people try to voice their opinions on something without any bias, they get
tagged for defending Corruption by the WMC supported stooges whilst Liars like Daniels are still
roaming freely in the country with their fake opinions. Legal actions against such people are quite rightly
the need of the hour and shall be taken in the same context forward by the legal entities in the country.