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DA is deemed as “WMC Representatives” amidst their March towards Gupta’s Home

Every day seems like coming as a new twist in the tale of South African Politics battleground. Whilst there is BLF on one side who still keeps going as the true Flag bearers of South African natives in the wake of their protests against WMC and its mafia boss Johann Rupert, we still have our very own version of “Wolves in the skin of Sheep “on the other side named as Democratic Alliance (DA) who has just decided marching to the Gupta’s Home for the so called allegations of “State Capture and Corruption”.

DA illegal March

It must be noted here that it is the same DA who made all the hues and cries when BLF marched against the WMC stooge Peter bruce’s mansion and now they themselves doing the same against the Guptas. Seems like, they are just serving for the interests of Johann Rupert and his alliance in a quest to isolate the Guptas, in both ways, financially and socially. Moreover, BLF has condemned this DA act and also published a detailed report about the wrong doings of the alliance on their website after the DA has benched the Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille. The Report goes as follows:

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“Black First Land First (BLF) believes that Patricia de Lille is the latest victim of the systematic racism of the Democratic Alliance (DA). We all know that the DA is a representative of white monopoly capital and white supremacy. We know that it governs in the interests of whiteness.

BLF is not surprised by the actions of the DA. We want to warn all black people who support the party, all the black leaders of the party and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) which gave the DA political power in some of the metros, that once they are done with De Lille, they will deal with each and every black leader they believe stands in their way.

De Lille should have known, just like Lindiwe Mazibuko should have known, just like Mbali Ntuli should have known, just like Mmusi Maimane should know and like Julius Malema should know, that the DA is here to maintain white rule and it’s going to exercise its power in the interest of whiteness.

When Helen Zille praised colonialism on Twitter, the DA took little to no action against her. When Malema tried to protest by saying the EFF would take its votes from the DA because of Zille’s remarks, Lord Robin Renwick pulled him in, and as we speak, Zille is still the premier of the Western Cape.

White racism says only black people are corrupt. Corruption by white people is never dealt with, infact white corruption and arrogance is rewarded, as we have seen with Zille.

BLF will defend all black people who are victims of racism. Whether we agree or disagree politically, any black person who is a victim of racism is a member of the black family and we shall defend them.

We say hands off Patricia de Lille! We call upon all black people (particularly those inside the party) to move away from the racist DA. We warn them that the DA is not your friend, the DA is here to serve the interests white people.”

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It is proved that DA has lost its credibility as a people’s party and the reason came out that it is no more serving the rights and interest of the black natives, instead they are just focusing on White monopoly capital and its stooges catering. Therefore, the Country and the people shall now be required to reject them in every regards so as the nation can be saved from any further disgrace and humility in the hands of WMC. Only after that we can call this dream of Radical economic transformation, a real possibility.