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COSATU Strike, A Mere Attempt To Shield Ramaphosa

The Evolution of Congress of South African Trade unions (Cosatu) was subjected to the urgent need of an organized authority serving to the rights of the Working and the Labor class in the country. But its relevance has lost its ground in the recent time due to “Non –Coperative’ approach against the working class and also its “unconditional” backing of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa even after knowing of his Dirty deeds as a Womanizer. Now, when Cosatu has called for a nationwide strike to stop Corruption and State Capture, People around are hardly giving attention to their call.


In a News report, broadcasted on ANN7, Cosatu has literally been thrashed by the callers from around the country and asked questions about its dignity as a People’s Organization. Questions been asked about, why Cosatu kept Mum while FNB suspended its 4 Black staff members just for Voicing their opinions against the Discrimination within the Organization Structure. Moreover, they also ignored the “Closure of Gupta’s Accounts” by BoB which saw thousands of people lose their Jobs. This certainly proves the fact that they are no longer an Organization to cater to the rights of the working class and their Interests.

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In the words of NUMSA spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi, “What Cosatu, doing throughthis March, is demonstrating its support to Cyril Ramaphosa and its leadership within ANC and we, by no means, would be participating in this. There’s no way that we would lose a Day’s wage to support them and their purpose. If they are really serious about this march against Corruption and State capture acts, they must first get off from their alliance with ANC (mainly Ramaphosa).”

It can therefore be concluded that COSATU is hardly concerned about the condition and situation of the workers and is just trying to push the nomination of Cyril Ramaphosa as the next president by fake display of concern to the General Public against the evils of Corruption and State capture. Also, their indulgence in this, along with WMC, can’t be denied keeping the fact in mind that Ramaphosa is amongst the most beloved of Johann Rupert and his Stooges. It’s worth mentioning here that even on a poll conducted by White media News channel News24 on its Twitter handle stating whether people will be joining the strike organized by Cosatu, 75% has denied it which clearly shows that the True face of Cosatu has been revealed amongst the people and they would no longer be fooled by its Tactics.

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