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BLF urge BoB to spare a thought about the Oakbay Workers

The Whole nation is in a state of shock after the court gave the verdict in favour of BoB on Guptas  owned Oakbay’s account closure case. Many political analysts have deemed this as a “Horrible” decision which could bring thousands of lives to dismay and make them deprived of their Livelihood. BLF, who are always one of the major flag bearers for the rights of the black natives in the country, has now urged BoB to think about all those Mine workers who will go unemployed and face the battle of their survival everyday from now on.

BLF Oakbay Workers

As per a report published on the BLF website,they quoted saying “Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the Bank of Baroda to not give in to the economic blackmail by agents of white monopoly capital like Pravin Gordhan and the opposition parties, to close the bank account of Oakbay. We call on the Bank of Baroda to take an ethical position and put the interests of thousands of workers first. South Africa is facing economically difficult time. The workers will be without sustenance only because of the greed of white monopoly capital.

The economic terrorism unleashed on the Gupta owned businesses by white monopoly capital is only because they want to maintain a monopoly over the economy. BLF is not surprised about the outcomes of the court because we know that those who own the means of production own the judiciary as well.

Now the struggle to stop the economic terrorism unleashed by white monopoly capital must go to the streets. All South Africans not captured by the propaganda of white monopoly capital must join hands and demand the banks to stop being the assault front of white monopoly capital. We also call on government to speedily establish both a state bank and black banks. Our nation cannot be at the mercy of people whose main interest is keeping the economy in white hands.

Again we say to the Bank of Baroda, please think about the workers!”

It would be worth mentioning here that its just because of WMC and their stooges that this situation is hanging up like a sword on the worker’s lives as the white media has put their best efforts in Isolating the Guptas every way possible and kill any competition upfront which stops them from working towards their self interest. The ball is now in the Bank’s court and it would be interesting to see whether they would be able to serve the “humanity” cause which is not a part of any contract.

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