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BLF to register their Protest against the USA Domination in Venezuela

BLF (Black First Land First), not by name only, it in fact does the same, as it has always been the true supporter of black native’s rights. Their regular efforts, to bring the lost legacy of country’s Real citizens, have made them the only hope towards the dream of Radical economic transformation. Moreover, they always support all the black natives around the world and carrying on the same efforts now they are going to march against the USA consulate. The protest is to raise their voice against the increasing number of attacks from the Imperialist USA towards the People of Venezuela. They have published a report regarding the same on their website which goes as follows:

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Black First Land First (BLF) Gauteng will march to the USA consulate in Sandton today (26th October). The aim of the protest is to to register BLF’s solidarity with the people of Venezuela who are facing massive attacks from the imperialist USA. Donald Trump wants to remove the democratically elected government of Venezuela so that the USA can steal the oil of that country.

BLF regards the interference of the FBI in South Africa, under the pretext of fighting crime, as nothing but a ploy for regime change and to undermine the move to Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in South Africa. We say, away with USA and British imperialism in our country.

A memorandum of demands shall be delivered at the USA consulate.”

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It is therefore the duty of every true black native and South African to support them for this noble cause and to join them in their quest for the rights of Venezuelan people. This will further show to the WMC and its allies worldwide about the real power of the natives and how they can’t be fooled anymore by them over their Fake propaganda of Economic growth which is always used as a tool by the western powers to enter into the African countries and later they start using their influence to dominate their Economy.


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  • WMC has spread its wings across every country and its stooges are available everywhere playing with the sentiments of Black natives across the globe.

  • United States of America got no rights in the lives of Venezuelan people and they cannot decide their fate be it any their Political or Defense matters.