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BLF to act against “Racist Act” by Selborne College’s Student

Racism has always been one of the worst evils of South African society since the Apartheid Era. Every now and then we get to hear an incident of racism in almost every aspect of the country’s society. No surprise when a student from the Selborne College uses a racist image for and invitational purpose for a reunion. Though the college has issued the apology in this regards which says,” “The School Governing body of Selborne College recognizes the iconic nature of the image which reflects a turning point in the painful history of South Africa and its people. Whilst this artistic impression and function were not sanctioned by the school, the Governing Body recognizes the offence and hurt that the image has caused. We apologize unreservedly.”Moreover, BLF has rejected this apologetic act by the college citing these type of incidents “too common” in the current scenario and asked for further action by the court and the parliament, as per a report published on their website which goes as follows:

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Selborne College Student

Black First Land First (BLF) rejects the half-hearted and racism reinforcing so called “apology” of the School Governing Body of the racist Selborne College, in respect of the image used by a student in an invitation.

BLF is tired of racists in South Africa harming the dignity of black people and providing fake apologies. We will take the college to the Equality Court and demand the immediate resignation of the School Governing Body. We call upon the government to make sure that the school is staffed by black people, teachers and that a pro-black education program is undertaken.

BLF furthermore calls upon Parliament to immediately make into law the Anti Racism Bill submitted by us almost a year ago now. It is time to criminalize racism and make sure that land is returned and the dignity of black people protected. BLF wants to state that the reason for the increased individual acts of racism is because of the political power that the racist organizations such as the Democratic Alliance (DA) have gained. Those who have given the DA the political power must take responsibility for the incidents of racism that are increasing in our country. Selborne College is a racist school and must be treated as such.

End racism, take back the land!”