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BLF Takes Guard against the Judiciary Capture

The White supremacy in South Africa is a well known fact across all the aspect of the society in South Africa, be it Education, Politics, Economy or anything else. Every now and then, WMC and its stooges have shown their dominance and influence over the country by making a mockery of the country’s laws and Judiciary. The decision by the Johannesburg High Court, giving Carté blanch to the Oppenheimer family to operate a private international airport, can certainly been put on the top of the list of such acts. Moreover, BLF, being always there for the Black natives, has come forward to voice their protest against the decision as they think this decision by the court has been taken under the influence of the WMC. BLF has published a statement on their website regarding the same, the excerpts of which are as follows:

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BLF takes Guard

The decision by the Johannesburg High Court to give carté blanch to the Oppenheimer family to operate a private international airport is a clear indication that the South African judiciary is captured by white monopoly capital.

Black First Land First (BLF) has lost all faith in the judiciary. Our judiciary is an arm of white monopoly capital which is used to undermine and to intimidate anyone who wants radical economic transformation and an end to the colonial nature of South African society.BLF is not surprised that a court can allow a private family to operate an international airport of its own.

This means the court has given the Oppenheimers the right to steal our diamonds, gold and other wealth, put it in a airplane and transport it to Europe in the same way the Oppenhimers can organize their militia and arm them through contraband. Now, Nicky Oppenheimer can put weapons, drugs and all other dangerous materials on that private plane in pursuit of profits and this has been made legal by our very captured courts in South Africa.

If our people are not convinced by this act that the courts remain racist, anti-black, pro-white monopoly capital tools, nothing will convince them.”

It’s quite evident now that our very own judiciary is also under the influence of WMC loyalists. Moreover, this can certainly be termed as quite a “disappointing” decision which could spread the wrong message among the masses about the dignity and belief that people carry about the law and order in the country. The law makers, the Political analysts, and every true citizen of the country shall now take a guard against this decision so that we could still save our country from any further disgrace at the hands of WMC.

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