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BLF Takes Down Remgro Along With its Boss Johann Rupert

From voicing their opinions on every act of disrespect against the blacks to marching down on the streets for their rights, BLF always acted as a flag bearer of the black natives in the country. Keeping the flame up for the Black uprising, A protest march to Remgro in Stellenbosch on Friday was been held along with the members of ANCYL and MKMVA as  a warning to billionaire businessman Johann Rupert and other white monopolistBLF has also handed over a memorandum to Remgro quoting Johann Rupert as been reported on their website. The Full report goes as follows:

BLF Support

It’s this radical economic transformation which Rupert at his thieving Remgro board meeting in Geneva called theft.

Rupert, BLF has stated , your time is up! Rupert Must Fall,! We will not  take rest until every piece of land is returned to the black majority and we destroy monopolies like Remgro, through the implementation of radical economic transformation.

In the month of Biko, we state clearly the time for black principled unity to defeat the settler coloniser is now. We must unite as black people to take back the land.

Today marks a moment, where history will remember that fearless black people came to the gate of Rupert to issue a united firm message. The seeds of Biko’s black unity being built. It is now certain that this is the year of land! The year where black people will, and must continue to unite and in unity we will break through the Rupert gates of oppression.

Our message to Johann Rupert:

  1. Repent & Return the land!
  2. Pay repetitions for monies stolen from SARB, illicit transfers, devaluing SA currency!
  3. Return Remgro to the people!

Our message to President Zuma:

  1. Deliver land without compensation to the black majority.
  2. Deliver radical economic transformation, through implementation of Mining Charter as a start to the 100% mine ownership.
  3. Deliver Free Education

Our message to the People:

  1. Support President Zuma call for land return without paying.
  2. Support the mining charter.
  3. Join the land expropriation committees

Urgent Action:

  1. Open a case of racism at the Equality Court.
  2. Lay a criminal case of High Treason.
  3. Undertake mass action at Ramgro Headquarters in Stellenbosch.
  4. Call on the police to fast track the corruption case that BLF opened against him for stealing from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in excess of R2 billion.
  5. Follow up on the over R60 million debt incurred for services by a municipality in Mpumalanga.

Rupert must pay!”


It must be noted here that BLF marched with the provincial ANC Youth League and the MK Inkululeko Foundation, whose members arrived, dressed in army uniforms, in a  bus from Johannesburg. Around 150 protesters demanded that Rupert come out to meet them, calling him names such as “President of White Monopoly Capital”, “Rupey” and “Thief”. Therefore it can be said that the true natives of the country has taken the responsibility in their hands to teach the WMC a lesson and hope would still be there of seeing a new dawn in the Rainbow nation for them.

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Courtesy: The article was published on Black First Land First on September 29, 2017.