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BLF supports NDZ and Radical Economic Transformation

The Following article is referred to the story published on Black Opinion news site on 19 Nov 2017 regarding BLF rally on Radical economic Transformation.

Black First Land First (BLF) has successfully organized a rally on radical economic transformation yesterday at Thokoza, Ekurhuleni. The main motto of the rally was to put across the movement’s support for the vision of radical economic transformation. The rally got an overwhelming response and a huge support with more than 5000 people attending it.

BLF Support RET and NDZ

While addressing the rally, BLF president Andile Mngxitama spoke about the urgency of a black minimum program like radical economic transformation, to further help in uniting all black people. He further stated that radical economic transformation shouldn’t just be supported in mere words but instead be followed up with realistic implementations such as land occupations. The evictions by banks and metro cities was also seen as a big upcoming challenge with respect to the interests of the black community. It’s worth mentioning here that while Mngxitama asked the mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina, to stop evictions if he is serious about radical economic transformation, he also warned him about a planned shutdown of the Gauteng province if his request is not executed. He further stated that the poor and the landless should not be fooled by politicians who say ‘vote for me and I will give you land’.

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BLF also challenged the probability of Cyril Ramaphosa as a future president of South Africa by saying that he is a WMC representative, which has always been involved in stealing land from the natives of the country. Ramaphosa is also allegedly responsible for the killing of miners in the Marikana massacre. Mngxitama said that the time has come for an ideal woman like NDZ to lead the ANC and also the country as she is the true supporter of change and the much-needed Radical Economic Transformation. She is also better equipped to understand the pulse of the people of the country than anyone else. BLF further called on the landless to take back their land from the Whites while supporting radical economic transformation and land expropriation without compensation. They fear that people have to take an initiative in support of RET now or else the politicians will just keep playing on its name forever.

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The recent racist acts and the military coup in Zimbabwe were also among the talking points in the rally. While the movement completely condemned the act, they further quoted that Mugabe is being removed by whites who lost their land in Zimbabwe. It must be noted that Mngxitama also called upon ‘Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) Julius Malema to come forward and support their movement in order to beat down Afriforum’s racist acts through direct action. He further warned that if Afriforum organized such a festival of Apartheid again, it will be dealt with at street level. The rally concluded on a big note with a power packed performance by the legendary Blondie Makhene.

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